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Supporting Florida's Charter Schools

A Partnership Between the Florida's DOE School Choice Office and Building Hope

Welcome to the Charter Support Unit

Welcome to the home page of the Florida Charter Support Unit (CSU). The CSU was originally proposed by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) in a large federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant that was awarded to our state. The objectives set forth in this CSP grant require the FDOE to provide a support structure for assisting new and start-up charter schools in the areas of administration, curriculum, finance and governance. Specifically the CSU is designed to “provide short-term, intensive, and targeted support for new charter schools.”

We are pleased to announce that the Florida Department of Education has contracted with Building Hope to implement the CSU project and provide these important services to new and start-up charter schools who have not yet gone through their first charter renewal with their district.  To learn more about the services of the CSU, please visit our About Us page.

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The Charter Support Unit is available to help charter schools as needed. If we can provide assistance to your school, please call us at (727) 286-3185 or email cfuller@flcsu.org.
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The CSU offers numerous services. The various services can be accessed from the “Services” menu item above, or by clicking on the links below:

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Nothing from June 28, 2016 to July 18, 2016.

Recently Added Resources

Sample School Behavior Confirmation

This document is a sample list of behaviors which may require student consequences and a list of potential consequences for those behaviors. It includes excerpts from a bullying policy which the parents also should acknowledge. Read More

Job Description: Title One Teacher

Sample job description for a Title One support teacher, if the school has one. Read More

Job Description: Transitions Teacher

Job Description for a transitions teacher if the school has one. Read More

Job Description: Reading Coach

Job Description for the school's reading coach. Read More

Unpaid Leave Calculator

This form is meant to be a way to document for employees who are going on unpaid leave how that leave will affect their paychecks once they return to work. Read More

Employee Reference Check Form

This form is a way to document the employee reference checks conducted on employee applicants. Read More

Initial Salary Placement Notice

This form is meant to lay out the per-paycheck amount for a new employee so they are clear on the salary they will be paid. Read More

Final Paycheck Calculations

This form is meant to provide documentation to employees who are separating from the school with regards to the amount they should expect on their final paycheck.  This document aligns with the calculations defined within the Sample Compensation Manual. Read More

CSP Budget Development Tool

The Charter Support Unit has been asked by the State of Florida's Department of School ... Read More

Quickbooks Chart of Accounts

Charter Schools are required to use the accounting classifications as defined in the Red Book ... Read More

Charter School Insurance Guide

This charter school insurance guide provides insurance about what types of insurance charter schools should consider and might be required to have based on their charter contract. The guide discusses the insurance requirements of the model charter school contract and provides definitions about typical insurance terms. This guide is based off a similar guide provided by the Palm Beach County School District for their charter schools, and we thank them for allowing us to use their model. Read More

Summary of 1012.31 - Personnel Files

According to Florida Statute (1012.31), the personnel files for public school employees are eligible for public inspection, and certain requirements exist for the process to add additional information into the employee record.  This document provides a summary of 1012.31 and what pieces of a personnel files are exempt from public records requests. Read More

Introducing and Implementing Charters.Link

The Charter Support Unit has been working to develop a new online compliance system to help facilitate communication between charter schools and their authorizers in Florida.  This online tool allows districts to establish timelines and deadlines for when items must be submitted, allows schools to upload their responses and districts to approve or request additional information.  The tool is ready to be rolled out to districts who are interested in using the system with their schools.  On Thursday, June 9, 2016 the CSU will conduct a training for districts who are interested in learning more, and setting up the system in their district.   The training will be held in the Finance Conference Room at the Main Administrative Building in Osceola County (817 Bill Beck Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL 34744).   We also will be broadcasting the training as a webinar for those unable to attend in person.   The first 30-45 minutes of the training will be a presentation to explain how the system works, and how it can be implemented within the district.  The remaining 90+ minutes will be time for the district participants to begin setting up and using the system, with support from the CSU. Read More

Spotlight: Sigsbee Charter School / Place Based Education

Sigsbee Charter School is a public charter school located on the Naval Air Station Key West (NASKW). Sigsbee is one of only a handful of charter schools in the United States located on and focused on servicing children of military families in grade k-8. The school is a model not only with regards to being a high performing charter school in the state of Florida, but is also frequently studied by federal officials for replication among other military bases throughout the country. Despite the highly transient population, the school has earned an A rating in every year it was assessed. It has been awarded two substantial grants from the Department of Defense Education Act and is currently working under a Dissemination Grant for Best Practices awarded by the Department of Education. In this presentation Principal Eli Jannes will talk about the unique traits that make Sigsbee so successful. She will focus on Place-Based Education, a tool used to increase engagement and achievement while taking advantage of one's unique environmental and community partnerships. Read More

Anti-Bullying Programs in Charter Schools

Florida Statutes expressly prohibits bullying and harassment of any student or employee in public schools in Florida. The statutes lay out specific steps which schools must take in order to ensure that bullying is addressed. How can these statutes be implemented within Florida Charter Schools to provide them with the flexibility and autonomy anticipated at charters, but still ensuring the safety of students and employees at your school? Join us for a presentation by Brooks Rumenik, the Director of the Office of Safe Schools at the FLDOE where she talks about anti-bullying efforts,and how you can implement them at your school. Read More

School Spotlight: Island Village Montessori

Island Village Montessori School opened in 2001 utilizing the Montessori approach for students in Sarasota and neighboring counties. The school has continued to grow. While the organization originally applied and operated two other charter schools which were connected, the three schools were eventually combined into a single charter agreement with Sarasota County, and currently operates on two campuses (Venice and Sarasota). The school stays true to the Montessori approach providing the staff the opportunity to personally get to know each student and ensure their educational programs is individualized to each specific student. Read More

Upcoming Webinars

Featured Resources:

CSP Budget Development Tool

The Charter Support Unit has been asked by the State of Florida’s Department of School Choice to provide assistance to CSP grant recipients with the development of grant budgets. In order to provide this assistance the CSU has developed a CSP Budget Development Tool which can help schools write the narrative budget descriptions which are necessary to submit to the state. The CSP Budget Development Tool was created in Google Docs and is not something you can download and use, it is something you must use online. This allows us to push out updates quickly without you needing to download and transfer data to updated versions of the tool. If you would like to use the CSP Budget Development Tool, you must email Curtis Fuller at cfuller@flcsu.org asking to have a document created for your school. Please include the gmail address(es) you would like the document shared with as well. Below are a series of videos walking through how to use the CSP Budget Development Tool as well as user documentation on how to use the tool effectively. If you should have any questions, please contact the CSU for assistance. Video 1: General Overview This video provides you with a general overview of the tool and what is included in the various sheets of the workbook. Video 2: The Building Options Sheet This video provides a description of how to use the Building Options sheet to create single budget line items, and to review all of the information from the Allowable Expenses document created by the office of School Choice. If you are unfamiliar with the budget process or what is... read more

New School Institute Training 1

The Charter Support Unit was excited to present the first New School Institute training on November 10, 2015 at the state Charter School Conference. The three hour training covered the basic steps that new schools need to start thinking about now in order to be open to open their schools next August. A recording of the presentation is below. The next training will occur in January, and we are currently working to secure and location and date for the meeting. Recording The presentation was simulcast over Google On Air, and the recording is available for those who were unable to attend the training. The recording is embedded from YouTube below or can be accessed directly by clicking here. Slides The slides from the presentation are embedded below. Binder The binder that was shared with the participants is available for viewing or download below. 2015-11-10 - TrainingBinder 2015-11-10 - TrainingBinder.pdf 11.8 MiB Details Category:New School Institute Date:November 11,... read more

Sample Compensation Manual

This document provides information on how to calculate payroll information for employees, especially salaried employees whose salaries are paid over 12-months, but who may work less than 12-months out of the year.   It provides formulas for calculating the final pay paychecks for employees who leave prior to the end of the school year, as well as calculating per-check amounts for those employees who start working at the school after the first day of school. The Charter Support Unit recommends that Boards adopt a document similar to this, or incorporate this into their policy manual to ensure that employees understand the payroll processes used at the school. PDF Version Microsoft Word Version Sample Compensation Manual(164.4 KiB) Sample Compensation Manual(137.0... read more

Renewal Toolkit

The Charter Renewal Toolkit is a reference document intended to help schools organize their corporate documents and performance records to help schools prepare for their renewal.  The guide is developed to be reviewed quarterly so that the school can add resources to the archive to be ensure you are maintaining essential documents which you may need for your renewal or other corporate activities as the school matures.   PDF Version Microsoft Word Version Renewal Toolkit(412.2 KiB) Renewal Toolkit(204.5... read more

FTE Re-Calibration

Starting with the 2013-14 school year, FTE payments are recalibrated at the state level so that no student is paid for being more than one full time student. Student FTE reported by more than one district is recalibrated and shared by both districts. This free webinar will be presented by Kendra Jahnke and Chris Sanchez from the Department of Education to help Charter Schools understand the FTE reporting and recalibration process for calculating a student’s amount, and how to utilize the FTE reports and other resources available to verify student FTE reported and funded. Title: FTE Re-Calibration Presenter: Kendra Jahnke, Chris Sanchez Date: June 20, 2014 Time: 10:00 am Recording: https://vimeo.com/98766104 Recording After viewing the presentation, please take a moment to take a brief surbey at bit.ly/flcsu Handout 2014-06-20 - 1415 FTE Recalibration 2014-06-20 - 1415 FTE Recalibration.pdf 189.3 KiB Details Category:Webinar Handouts Date:December 3,... read more

Legal Handbook

Charter School Leaders and Board Members have a variety of laws and administrative rules they need to be aware of. This information is readily available online, but sometimes it is convenient to have a booklet available with all of this information. The Charter Support Unit has compiled these statutes and rules into a Legal Handbook. The document can be printed and kept for easy reference. The documents below were updated in October, 2015. Bound Version This version is made if you are going to print the booklet and bind it together, and is 96-pages long. Individual pieces of papers may contain more than one law, so it is not easy to print updates to this version. PDF Version 2015 Charter School Legal Handbook - Combined(1.0 MiB) MS Word Version 2015 Charter School Legal Handbook - Combined(762.7 KiB) Binder Version This version has the same information, but each statute or rule starts on a separate page, making it easier to switch out individual pages when changes occur in the future. This version is 126-pages long. PDF Version 2015 Charter School Legal Handbook - Individualized(1.0 MiB) MS Word Version 2015 Charter School Legal Handbook - Individualized(763.5 KiB) Legal Handbook Contents The following list of material is available in the Legal Handbook. This manual will be updated when any of the following laws or administrative rules is updated, but the most up to date information is also available online, and each of the following has a hyper link to the state’s page. Charter School Specific Statutes Charter School Statutes • 1002.33 Florida Statutes High Performing Charter Schools • 1002.331 Florida Statutes High... read more