Budget Template Tool

The Charter Support Unit has developed a budget template tool to assist school in developing a comprehensive budget.  The budget has been developed as a “Question and Answer” tool where individuals put together a budget.  It is designed so that Board members who may not have an extensive knowledge of the Florida Red Book can develop a budget that is in compliance with the requirements.

Download The Tool Here

The latest version of the is Version 5.02 and was posted on July 25, 2017. It incorporates the Revenue Estimator worksheet from the 2017-18 First FEFP Calculation.  It also incorporates fixing two recently found bugs, one which double counted students who received ESE transportation rates, and a second which incorrectly reported payroll fees as object 250 (Unemployment) instead of 750 (Personnel Services).

Template Version 5.02 Template 5.02 Empty Version
CSU Budget Template - 5.02
(1.9 MiB)
CSU Budget Template - 5.02e
(1.9 MiB)

Introduction to Version 4.0+ Video

This video demonstrates the basic use of the budget template tool, and highlights what has changed in this newest version of the budget tool.

Migrating data from older versions to 4.0+

The following video demonstrates how to move your data from an older version of the budget template tool to version 4.0. The video makes reference to a “Converstion to 4.0 Tool” workbook, which is available for download below the video.

CSU Budget Template - 4.0
(1.7 MiB)

Technical information on how the budget template works

The following video is extremely technical and meant for Excel power-users who want to know how the budget template works and how to customize it for their organization. This video is not intended for the general user who doesn’t want to tinker with the ‘back-end’ of the budget tool.

Webinar Presented on April 29

The recording below is a webinar presented on April 29 regarding what is new in version 1.15 of the Template Tool, and walks through how to use the template tool.

Template Tool Support

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