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Free Professional Development Opportunity for Charter School Leaders

Thursday, January 22, 2015 • 10:00am

Florida Charter School Evaluation Site

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This webinar will provide an overview of the Florida Charter School Evaluation Site. The training site is intended to sustain the onsite teacher and principal evaluation training funded by the Department of Education and delivered by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/The Leadership and Learning Center throughout 2013. The resources provided on the site will help users understand and implement teacher and principal evaluation systems that meet the Florida statutory requirements. During this webinar, a team member from HMH will walk attendees through the resources available on the website and how to easily access information to support evaluation plan development, refinement, or delivery of professional development on research-based teaching and leadership best practices.

Resource Highlights

Performance Based Salary Schedules


On this page, you will find a summary of the requirements of Florida Statute 1012.22(1)(c) regarding teacher performance based salary schedules which specifically state they apply to charter schools. In addition, we have posted a sample template you might counld consider using for developing a salary schedule for your school.

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The CSU offers webinars, typically on Thursday mornings, to assist school leadership with their professional development, and the operations of the charter school. Click on the name of the presentation to register for the presentation.

The CSU is a free support network funded by the Florida Department of Education whose primary mission is to serve all charter schools in their first five years of operation. The CSU also provides many free services to more established charter schools across Florida, including our free professional webinar series. If we can provide assistance to you or your school, please contact us:

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