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Free Professional Development Opportunity for Charter School Leaders

Thursday, January 8, 2015 • 10:00am

School Safety

Register for this free webinar at: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/867280423

The presentation will focus on the connection between educational success for students and the school safety climate. The presenter will focus on emergency planning and the types of plans schools should have in place to address potential crisis situations. The webinar will also provide attendees information on best practices as they relate to providing a safe and secure learning environment. The presenter will be Curtis S. Lavarello, the Executive Director of the School Safety Advocacy Council.

Resource Highlights

Free Resources Available To Charter Leaders

In order to help the charter community become more familiar with the many resources available from the CSU, we will start highlighting a resource or service in our webinar reminder emails. These resources are available on our website at flcsu.org. Once you arrive at the site, use either the ‘Clearinghouse’ link to browse by the types of documents, or use the ‘Resources Topics’ link to browse by topic.

Detailed Safety Plan


This sample safety plan provides a sample guide for developing a comprehensive safety plan. School’s should not just adopt this document, it is important this only be used as a guide for developing a custom plan specific to your facility, staff and school.

New Service Now Available

Governing Board Presentations

The CSU is excited to announce that we have a new service available to Governing Boards of schools who are within their first five years of operation. This free presentation is designed to encourage a dialogue among Board members regarding their the statutory requirements related to their roles as board members, the requirements of Government in the Sunshine, and what role the Governing Board should play in the overall operations of the charter school.

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your school’s Board, please contact Curtis Fuller at (727) 286-3185 or cfuller@flcsu.org.

Upcoming Webinars

The CSU offers webinars, typically on Thursday mornings, to assist school leadership with their professional development, and the operations of the charter school. Click on the name of the presentation to register for the presentation.

The CSU is a free support network funded by the Florida Department of Education whose primary mission is to serve all charter schools in their first five years of operation. The CSU also provides many free services to more established charter schools across Florida, including our free professional webinar series. If we can provide assistance to you or your school, please contact us:

Florida Charter Support Unit
(727) 286-3185