The second training of the New School Institute was held on January 8, 2016. The training focused on the corporate structure, human resources and financial planning for new charter schools.



Updated Binder

The binder that was shared in November was updated, and this is the most recent versions. Individual hand outs to add to the November binder are listed below.

2016-01-08 - TrainingBinder
2016-01-08 - TrainingBinder
2016-01-08 - TrainingBinder.pdf

19.1 MiB

Individual Files / Handouts

Digital Resources Shared With Participants

2016-01-08 - TrainingBinder19.1 MiB120
CSU Budget Template - 3.0 - Blank - No Data2.8 MiB193
CSU Budget Template - 3.0 - With Sample Data2.9 MiB171
Insurance Handout Combined0.7 MiB136
Revenue Estimating Worksheet - Chtr2015-16third0.2 MiB112
Sample Board Reporting Requirements0.2 MiB116
Sample Principal Interview Questions17 KiB69