In October the State Board of Education approved an amendment to Rule 6A-1.0081 regarding Monthly Financial Statements and Financial Conditions for charter schools. This presentation will give a brief description of the rule, and demonstrate how to get the information for the new model reports from Quickbooks. Updates to the charter school statutes last year indicated that all charter schools will be required to use the new forms approved by the Department.

  • Title:New State Financial Reporting Template
  • Presenter: Richard Moreno, Ken Smith and Curtis Fuller
  • Date:November 13, 2013
  • Time:11:00 am

Recorded Webinar

Unfortunately there were technical errors with the recording of the video from this webinar, as a result only the audio was recorded. Below the slides you will find separate videos for how to use Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online to create the financial reports.


Presentation Slides

Creating Financial Statement with Quickbooks Online

Creating Financial Statement with Quickbooks (Desktop Version)