Webinar Series

A primary goal of Florida’s Charter Schools Program grant is to increase the effectiveness of all charter schools in our state. With this larger goal in mind, an important objective of the CSU is to increase professional development opportunities for all charter school leaders and other interested educators. To achieve this objective, the CSU has developed a series of professional on-line seminars (or Webinars) that are focused on charter school operations.

All of the PD Webinars coordinated by the Florida CSU will be recorded and archived in the CSU clearinghouse section of this site.   For the topics currently listed as “To be determined” we are waiting to receive additional feedback from charter leaders regarding what additional topics they feel would be important, if you would like to submit your opinion, please click here to complete a brief form submitting your ideas.

Webinar Schedule


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Nov 30

Florida Parent Network

In Florida, the number of parents who choose charter schools continues to grow. They love their children and are the most effective advocates for educational choice. This webinar will focus on how to grow a community of moms and dads who advocate for better regulations and provide grassroots support for lawmakers who champion their right to choose the best school for their kids. Only a mobilized army of moms, dads, guardians, grandparents and supporters can effectively advocate for charter schools’ continued future as well as for laws that help more children access charter schools in Florida. This webinar will be presented by Catherine Durkin Robinson, the Executive Director of the Florida Parent Network, which is associated with Step Up for Students. Read More
Dec 7

High Expectations = Positive School Culture: Strategies for Success

With the many demands on educators, setting high expectations AND maintaining a positive school culture is a challenge for any school. By participating High Expectations = Positive School Culture: Strategies for Successin this webinar, attendees will hear how one school tackled declining student achievement and a negative school culture, turning it around to build a cohesive school team with high expectations. This presentation will provide examples of strategies that have proven highly effective in creating a positive school culture combined with student success. The strategies shared throughout this session will provide a toolkit of information for all attendees to implement in their own school community. The session will be presented by Sherry Watts and Kimberly Dison of Minneola Elementary Charter School. Read More
Jan 18

The Road from Leasing to Owning - Charter School Facilities

Finding a permanent home for a charter school is one of the most complicated tasks the school will face. Options abound for the facility itself and the financing of those facilities. This presentation will share the various options which are available for facilities and financing from one school's experience moving from leasing, renovating existing buildings and developing new facilities. The school has had land lords, developers, and obtained bond financing. The webinar will be presented by Richard Moreno of Building Hope and Greg McKenna of BB&T Bank. Read More
Jan 25

Getting FTE Correct and Preparing for an FEFP Audit

This presentation will review the state reporting requirements addressing FTE reporting and steps to be taken to prepare for state FEFP audits. The presentation will review the specific components that are required to report students for funding under the FEFP. The webinar will also address some of the differences between the October and February surveys, and why schools should take both seriously. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Andy Binns who was formerly the Director of FTE & Student Reporting for the School District of Palm Beach County, as well as currently the Board Chair of the Palm Beach Maritime Academy, a charter school in Palm Beach. Read More
Feb 1

Implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Most school staff are familiar with the process of using MTSS to support students who are academically struggling, but the concept is also important when it comes to behavioral supports in school as well. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is a system used to support students who may be exhibiting difficult behaviors. This webinar will focus on an overview of the critical components of Tier 1 PBIS, along with examples and resources for implementation. Participants will also learn how to obtain in-depth training and technical assistance on multi-tiered PBIS systems from their statewide PBIS project free of charge. We encourage charter leaders to join the webinar to gain an an increased understanding of the model and how they can develop this at their schools with support from the project. This presentation will be presented by Ms. Catherine Raulerson of the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities who works on Florida's PBS:MTSS Project. Read More
Mar 8

Leading a Robust Mentor Program

How do you provide more leadership opportunities for you students? What is the best way to acclimate incoming new students to your school environment? Is there a quicker way for students to get to know their peers, develop new friendships, and get excited about the school year, especially in a school choice atmosphere or environment? YES there is, put a Mentor Program in place NOW! This webinar will share details on how Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School implemented such a program, and tips on how other schools can replicate the success. Participants receive a a timeline to implement the program and learn how to improve the leadership opportunities for students. The presentation will discuss how to select, train and grow the student leaders. The webinar will be presented by Mr. Greg Winkler who is the HOPE teacher at FSWC and leads their mentorship program. Read More
Mar 22

Understanding Your Required Financial Documents

Accounting and financial reporting for charter schools are complicated and often counter intuitive. This webinar will focus on how to understand the basics of these financial reports. This presentation will be particularly beneficial for Governing Board members and new administrators who are unfamiliar with the accounting systems typically used by charter schools. The webinar will review the revenue estimating workbook, what should be in the annual budget, how to examine financial reports and what to expect with year-end financial reporting and audits. The webinar will be presented by Bill Hunter and Christy Simmons, partners with Hunter and Simmons, CPAs. Read More
Apr 5

Charter School Law Highlights for Board Members and School Leaders

The Charter School statute (1002.33) is over 17,000 words long and includes many requirements for charter schools and their sponsors. What are the essential pieces governing board members should be focused on? Join us for this informative webinar where we will quickly run through the main laws that the governing board members of currently operating schools should be aware of to ensure their schools are in compliance. This webinar will be presented by attorney Kathleen Schoenberg, an attorney who works with charter schools throughout Florida and who provides the state mandated governance training for board members. Read More