Bay Haven Charter Academy opened in 2001 with just over 200 students and has grown into a network of schools serving nearly 3,000 students, receiving almost exclusively “A” grades from the state grading system each year for every school.  The school credits it’s success to building their school on philosophical constructs based on best practice, and what is best for kids. One of the keys to their program is to “Bayhavenize” all of their stake holders from students to parents to staff members.  Each summer the school hosts a New Teacher Boot Camp to orientate their new staff members to the ideals that have made Bay Haven a success.  This presentation was led by Dr. Tim Kitts regarding their teacher orientation program, and how they ensure their staff live up to the High Expectations/High Achievement the school has for employees.

  • Spotlight School: Bay Haven Charter Academy
  • Topic: Orienting Staff to the School’s Mission
  • Presenter: Dr. Tim Kitts, Chief Education Officer
  • Date: August 27, 2015
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • View Recording at:

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Bay Haven Academy Spotlight Fact Sheet
Bay Haven Academy Spotlight Fact Sheet
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