Charter Schools face very unique exposures to risk on a daily basis. Ignorance of these exposures is not a valid legal defense. Understanding methods in which to minimize or ways to transfer risk is essential. Insurance is a practical option to providing a level of protection against financial loss for school operators, administrators, and employees. Please join us for an informative presentation on the exposures Charter Schools face and the role insurance & risk management plays in, not only satisfying County School District requirements, but also providing peace of mind. This presentation is for new and experienced school leaders and employees. All are welcomed to attend.

  • Title: The Role of Insuarnce In Charter Schools
  • Presenter: Mark Grimmel & Frank Becker (EGIS Insurance & Risk Advisors)
  • Date: January 17, 2013
  • Time: 10:00 am


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2013-01-17 Role Of Insurance Handouts
2013-01-17 Role Of Insurance Handouts
2013-01-17 Role of Insurance Handouts.pdf

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