A major objective of the 2011-16 Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant with the United States Department of Education requires the Florida Department of Education to implement a “Charter Support Unit” (CSU) for the purpose of providing short-term, intensive, and targeted support for start-up and new charter schools. In addition, the Florida CSU will be staffed by experienced educational professionals with expertise in curriculum, instruction, finance, governance and leadership. Accordingly, the mission of the Florida CSU is to provide support to charter schools in the first few years of operation and to be available on short notice to conduct site-assessments and provide recommendations for charter school improvement efforts.

The Florida Charter Support Unit is operated by Charter School Services Corporation, a not-for-profit agency dedicated to the success of Florida’s charter schools. A diverse set of training webinars and materials created by the Florida CSU will be accessible to all charter schools throughout the state.

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For immediate assistance, please contact the Florida CSU via email to Curtis Fuller or by calling the Florida CSU directly at (727) 286-3185.