Technology Readiness: Making Sure Your School’s Technology Meets Expectations

“From new schools getting the campus set up to schools looking to expand upon their technology infrastructure, school leaders need to have a basic understanding of the requirements they will face. This ranges from bandwidth requirements for your teachers using instructional materials, to the technology necessary to ensure smooth online testing for student assessment. This webinar will present tried and true proven methods on how to make sure no matter what your technology needs are, your school can identify what it needs for the new year. This webinar will be presented by Mr. Sam Chawkat, the Chief Operations Officer of Dynamic Network Solutions. (more…)

Protecting Your School from Ever-changing Ransomware Threats

While IT Security may not be your area of expertise, it is something that you as a school leader needs to be aware of and pay attention to. Ransomware attacks are computer programs which will lock all of your computer data and only give you access them if you pay a ransom to a bad actor. Since 2015, ransomware occurrences have been growing 50% year over year, mainly due to success. Just alone in 2015, ransomware netted over $325 million from infected machines locked out of critical applications and data, and now this has spread to schools and even school districts. This webinar will help you understand ransomware and how it spreads, areas it can gain access to your systems, and more importantly prevention strategies. Just because you ,and each member of your staff, have antivirus on your machine, does not mean you will be fully protected anymore when it comes to ransomware. The biggest security threat to your organization is your staff and learn ways to protect your organization. This webinar will be presented by Mr. Sam Chawkat, the Chief Operations Officer of Dynamic Network Solutions.

Charter School Funding Sources

“FEFP. CSP. Title I. NSLP. PECO. IDEA. Does this list of acronyms get you excited about next year? It should! All of these are various funding sources that charter schools should understand as they work to develop their budgets and ensure their schools are receiving and correctly using revenue which may be available to them. Join us for an informative webinar presented by Ms. Alina Chester, the Budget Director for Academica who will review the various funding sources available to charter schools, what the rules are for them, and what recent legislative changes may mean for charter schools moving forward. (more…)

Cracking the Code: Your Guide to Financial Statements

“Do you dread the part of the board meeting when it is time to review and discuss the financial statements? Do you think they are speaking in code? This webinar will decode the fundamentals of accounting and budgeting so that you are prepared to effectively engage in financial discussions. Through an informative presentation, participants will acquire the language, analytic tools and insights needed to evaluate your organization’s fiscal health. The webinar will be presented by Bryce Fleming of EdTec Inc., and Sarah Garrett of the Low Income Investment Fund. (more…)

Charter School as Employer. HR Dos and Don’ts

“Charter School Administrators are not just educational leaders, but also human resource leaders. What exactly does that mean? Join us for this informative webinar presented by Attorney Jeffrey Wood, a Director with Tripp Scott as he reviews the key “”dos and don’ts”” of human resources from a legal perspective. The presentation will cover state and federal statutory requirements which will range from hiring requirements, performance evaluations, salaried versus non-salaried employees and more. (more…)

Payroll Math and Salary Schedules

“As we prepare to make plans for next school year, it is time to start considering salaries. Florida statute requires charter schools to have a performance-based salary schedule. What does this mean? How do we calculate salaries for employees next year, and ensure we are retaining our best staff? Also, for those teachers who are not returning, how do we finalize their payroll? Many school leaders do not understand the complexities which should go into the payroll calculations for their 10-month employees. This webinar, presented by Curtis Fuller of the Charter Support Unit, will explain the math formulas and review salary schedule requirements for Florida Charter Schools. (more…)