Welcome to the CSU Clearinghouse.  

As the Charter Support Unit developes forms, resources and materials to be used by the schools we are working with, the documents will be made available for all at this clearinghouse. These materials are published under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike copyright.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

What this means is that anyone is welcome to use, share, and adapt the documents so long as you:

  1. You must give attribution to the Charter Support Unit for providing the original version of the form.
  2. If you modify the document, you must make the new form available under the same license (meaning you must share your modifications with others).

The materials available are broken down into the following categories:

By accessing and using any of the materials made available from the Charter Support Unit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use for the CSU, which specifically state that the advice provided should not be considered legal or financial advice.  

The forms and documents that are created by the CSU are usually made available in multiple formats.  We have attempted to make forms as useful as possible with the formats we have used.

Word Versions

Most of the forms attached in Microsoft Word format have been setup as a fillable form, and have had editing restricted before uploading the document. Restricting the document means that only the form data can be changed (you can add information into the forms, but you can’t change the questions on the form itself). There are no passwords on the restrictions, so you can unrestrict the file to make any changes you wish to make. If you have never done this, you may need to enable the “Developer” ribon in your version of Word.  Here is a link to a document about how to do this, and how to create fillable forms. After you turn off these restrictions you can change any aspect of the form. You can change the logo to your school, add your school’s name, or change any of the questions.

 PDF Versions

Most of the PDF versions of the documents have been converted to completable forms.  Generally, users of Acrobat Reader can fill in the forms and print them, but usually are unable to save the completed versions unless they have a professional version of Acrobat.  If you have a professional version of Acrobat you can make changes to the form and the document, there are no password protections. However, for most users, it is generally much more easy to make changes to the Word version of the document.

Excel Versions

Some documents, especially related to finances have been provided as Excel Spreadsheets.  Occasionally these are also protected so as to prevent the tampering with formulas.  In most cases there is no password for unlocking the documents, however, if there are special situations the documentation for the form will provide the passwords for advanced users.  In general, if you do not know how to unrestrict a workbook formula, you probably will not want to be making changes to the document itself, in which case feel free to contact the CSU if you need help with personalization.

Google Docs

Google has a suite of services available to their users called Google Docs.  This includes a word process, spreadsheet, presentation software, drawing software and a form service.  In order to access these services you need to sign up for a Google Account.  Once documents are made they can be collaboratively edited by multiple users in real time.  They are stored in the cloud and available from any internet enabled computer.  Documents can also be posted to the internet for anyone to view (or edit if you enable that).  Most of the documents posted here will be view only, however, if you would like to request a copy, you can email for the document to be shared with you.