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May 2015

2015 New Applicant Training

Presented at the New Applicant Trainings sponsored by the Florida Department of Education Thursday, ... Read More
Oct 2018

2018 New School Institute Training 1

New School Institute Training #1 - October 16, 2018 Presentation Read More
Oct 2018

2018-19 New School Institute Training Binder

Access the binder directly here. 2018–19 NSI Binder Table of Contents 2018–19 NSI Binder Table ... Read More

Accounting and Financial Management

Charter schools are required to use accounting processes that align to the “Financial and Program Cost Accounting and Reporting for Florida Schools”, commonly known as the “Redbook.” This presentation will talk about the Redbook accounting requirements, as well as some accounting best practices for charter school leaders. Read More

Aligning your budget to educational priorities

Balancing budget priorities is difficult for all charter schools in Florida, but trying to prioritize the budget for high needs / turn-around schools is an even more complex puzzle. Aligning your educational priorities to your plan for spending money is essential to ensure the correct staff are in place, and that your students achieve the planned academic outcomes. This webinar hosted a panel of school leaders and financiers who have experience with turn-around schools and talked about how to align a budget to a school's academic priorities. Read More

An Overview of the E-Rate Program

E-Rate is a federal program schools can take advantage to help pay for Internet access and network equipment. While this is a free resources for schools, many find the E-Rate program intimidating, time consuming and confusing. This webinar will provide you with an overview of the E-Rate program. You will learn about who is eligible, gain insight into the process, and find out how to apply (even if your school has not yet opened). We will discuss Category 1 and Category 2 products and services, how to calculate your budgets, what your school requirements are, as well as how to get setup in the E-Rate EPC portal. If you have ever had questions about the E-Rate program or been intimidated by the process, we suggest you listen to this webinar and ask an expert. The presentation will be presented by Benjamin Sniecinski of E-Rate Advantage. Read More
Sep 2017

Applying For FEMA Assistance

Description to come... Read More

Auditors with Charter School Experience

The Florida Auditor General posts all charter school audits on their website (click here to ... Read More

Authorization for OTC Medication Administration Form

This is a form that school can use to allow parents to grant permission to a school to administer over the counter medication. Read More

Authorization for Prescription Medication Administration Form

This is a sample form schools can use to obtain parent and physician authorization to administer prescription medication at school. Read More

Authorization to Carry and Self Administer MDI Form

This is a form schools can use for parents and physicians to give permission for students to carry and self-administer asthma inhalers. Read More

Behavioral Data To Support MTSS

Charter Schools are always concerned about supporting students and ensuring they are learning effectively. One of the important concepts of Florida Education is the idea of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) to help students succeed. In order for MTSS programs to be effective informative and efficient data systems must be in place to monitor student success. Behavioral data can be particularly useful for identifying meaningful strategies to proactively support positive and productive student behaviors. This webinar will provide strategies for collecting, reporting, and applying behavioral data at Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Read More

Budget Template Tool

Budget Template Tool The Charter Support Unit has developed a budget template tool to assist ... Read More

Budget Template Tool Webinar

The Charter Support Unit has developed a budget template tool which assists with developing a comprehensive budget for operating a charter school. This webinar will present the tool and walk through the recent changes added to the tool. The presentation will start with updates for those who are familiar with the tool, and we will then circle back to start from the beginning for new users. Read More
Sep 2018

Build A Strong Charter School Brand

This webinar will provide tips on how to Increase funding, recruit top-tier talent, and bolster enrollment through the power of your story. In order to grow, your charter school must capture the attention, interest, and support of families in your community as well as potential investors. Your ability to concisely communicate your brand story can inspire action, or leave supporters feeling unsure of your future direction. Learn the core components to building a strong charter school brand that communicates your unique story and sets you apart from competitors. Join Matt Cheuvront, CEO of Proof Branding and author of Build A Strong Charter School Brand, as he takes you through the framework and process of brand building. In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to: define your brand’s unique declaration, identify the foundation for your brand: what you do best and who’s it for, and craft a clear and concise message that articulates what you offer. All attendees will be provided with free access to Matt’s book, Build a Strong Charter School Brand. Read More

Bullying Investigation Report

To document investigations pertaining to the state's required bullying requirements. Read More

Bullying Prevention Plan

To document a plan for preventing bullying after it has been determined that bullying is occuring. Read More

Car Pooling Registration

Charter Schools are required to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to attendance. One way that might be part of the school's plan is to develop a car pooling program for families. The attached form could be used to gather information from parents regarding car pooling. Read More

Chart of Accounts

Charter Schools are required to utilize the Financial and Program Cost Accounting and Reporting for Florida Schools, commonly known as the Red Book. This document breaks down the basic requirements that charter school staff members need to understand to ensure they are properly coding expenses and revenue according to the Red Book. Read More

Charter School Facilities 101

For new schools, or schools looking to expand, facilities issues often cause issues for charter schools in providing the best possible program. Questions around how to go about getting the best deal on a lease, or exploring the possibility of purchasing are stressful decisions for school leadership and governance. This webinar focused on the pros and cons of leasing versus purchasing, and information to keep in mind as you start negotiating for a space to best meet the needs of your students. Read More

Charter School Insurance

How is your Charter School protected if your board is sued because a student bullies another student who commits suicide? This and other real life issues will be discussed in this webinar that will help your charter school protect its assets, its staff, its board and students from catastrophic events. Read More

Charter School Insurance Guide

This charter school insurance guide provides insurance about what types of insurance charter schools should consider and might be required to have based on their charter contract. The guide discusses the insurance requirements of the model charter school contract and provides definitions about typical insurance terms. This guide is based off a similar guide provided by the Palm Beach County School District for their charter schools, and we thank them for allowing us to use their model. Read More
Nov 2014

Charter Support Unit's 2014 Conference Presentation

The CSU presented at the 2014 Florida Charter School Conference to discuss the services available ... Read More

Check Request Form

This is a sample check request form to be used by a school to document when a check needs to be written. Read More

Class Size Reporting and FTE Essentials

Survey week for survey two is coming soon (October 8-12, 2018). What does this mean for you and your school? What last minute thing should school leaders remember going into this critical week to ensure proper funding? This webinar will be presented by Kenneth Dukes from the Florida Department of Education's FTE and Class Size Database Reporting Team. The presentation will focus heavily on frequently asked questions regarding Class Size requirements and how to ensure the class sizes are correctly reported. A brief overview of the consequences of not meeting class size requirements for charter schools will also be discussed. In addition, we will provide leaders with a variety of tips and tricks of things to keep in mind heading into survey 2. Read More

Comprehensive Policy Manual

This sample policy manual provides a sample comprehensive policy manual that schools can use to craft their own policy manual. It is strongly recommended that schools do not just adopt this policy manual, but instead use it as a reference to develop a policy manual that will work well with the school in accordance with your charter application, charter contract and desires of the governing board. Read More

Credit Card Receipt Form

This sample form can be used by schools to track the receipts from employees and directors who have access to a corporate credit card for the school. Read More
Feb 2016

CSP Budget Development Tool

The Charter Support Unit has been asked by the State of Florida's Department of School ... Read More

Detailed Sample Safety Plan

This sample safety plan provides guidance and a sample for developing a comprehensive safety plan. School's should not just adopt this document!, it is important this only be used as a guide for developing a custom plan specific to your facility, staff and school. Read More

Enrollment Check List Form

This form is a sample a charter can use to develop their own checklist of all of the forms that they require for students before they attend the school. This checklist helps the office staff to ensure everything is collected from each student. Read More

ERate and Educational Technology

The universal service Schools and Libraries Program, commonly known as the E-rate Program, helps ensure that schools and libraries can obtain telecommunications and Internet access at affordable rates. However, the application process can be overwhelming and numerous deadlines are quickly approaching. If you would like to apply for this resource for the 2015-16 school year, now is the time to start planning and preparing your paperwork. This presentation will walk you through the basic qualification requirements and application process to accessing E-rate funding for your charter school. Read More

ESE Inclusionary Practices

Interested in making your school more inclusive? Charter schools are committed to providing exceptional public education. In line with a commitment to set high expectation for students, charter school operators must ensure that schools are not just accessible, but successful in providing equitable outcome and meaningful participation for all students including those with learning disabilities. While there are some students who require a significant amount of support, the majority of students with special needs can be successfully educated in the general education classroom. Successful programs address the unique learning needs of all its students including students with disabilities. This webinar will explore Universal Design for Learning, Multi-Tiered System of Supports coupled with quality instruction and targeted interventions which can help to ensure that students with disabilities are able to access quality education programs offered by charter schools. Read More

Expense Reimbursement Request

A form to be used to document employee expenses prior to reimbursing the employee for said expenses. Read More

Federal and State Tax Compliance Issues

Here in Florida, charter schools must be organized as or operated by a nonprofit organization, generally classified as a 501(c)(3) school by the Internal Revenue Service and the Florida Department of Revenue. This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the requirements for qualification as a 501(c)(3) school, including ongoing compliance requirements to maintain such status, as well as an overview of the various state tax requirements and benefits available to schools here in Florida. Read More

Field Trip Authorization Form

This form is a sample form a school could adopt for teachers to request permission to plan a field trip from the school's administration. Read More

Field Trip Cost Calculator

This document is a calculator that a school could use to allow staff to quickly calculate the cost that should be passed along to students for field trips. This calculator was implemented at a school where the school was having issues not collecting enough money to cover the costs of a fields trip. While a PDF version is provided below, there is no functionality, we recommend you download the Excel version of the document below. Read More

Field Trip Information for Chaperones

This form is a sample form a school could implement to provide essential information to chaperons for a field trip. We recommend that all chaperons be given information with essential phone numbers, students, and any other relevant emergency information. Read More

Field Trip Permission Form

This sample form can be used to get parental permission before students go on an off-campus field trip. Read More
Oct 2018

Florida Charter School Conference Presentation

Presentation The Presentation below was presented by the Florida Charter Support Unit at the Florida ... Read More

Florida Parent Network

In Florida, the number of parents who choose charter schools continues to grow. They love their children and are the most effective advocates for educational choice. This webinar will focus on how to grow a community of moms and dads who advocate for better regulations and provide grassroots support for lawmakers who champion their right to choose the best school for their kids. Only a mobilized army of moms, dads, guardians, grandparents and supporters can effectively advocate for charter schools’ continued future as well as for laws that help more children access charter schools in Florida. This webinar will be presented by Catherine Durkin Robinson, the Executive Director of the Florida Parent Network, which is associated with Step Up for Students. Read More

FTE Class Size Information

This webinar will review recent Class Size data; steps for calculating Class Size; discuss best practices for accurately reporting Class Size data; provide an overview of the Class Size appeals process; and discuss the reduction calculations to the Class Size Operating Categorical. Read More

FTE Re-Calibration

Starting with the 2013-14 school year, FTE payments are recalibrated at the state level so that no student is paid for being more than one full time student. Student FTE reported by more than one district is recalibrated and shared by both districts. This free webinar will be presented by Kendra Jahnke and Chris Sanchez from the Department of Education to help Charter Schools understand the FTE reporting and recalibration process for calculating a student’s amount, and how to utilize the FTE reports and other resources available to verify student FTE reported and funded. Read More

Getting FTE Correct and Preparing for an FEFP Audit

This presentation will review the state reporting requirements addressing FTE reporting and steps to be taken to prepare for state FEFP audits. The presentation will review the specific components that are required to report students for funding under the FEFP. The webinar will also address some of the differences between the October and February surveys, and why schools should take both seriously. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Andy Binns who was formerly the Director of FTE & Student Reporting for the School District of Palm Beach County, as well as currently the Board Chair of the Palm Beach Maritime Academy, a charter school in Palm Beach. Read More
Jan 2015

Governing Board Presentation

The Charter Support Unit is available to conduct this presentation for free to charter schools ... Read More

High Expectations = Positive School Culture: Strategies for Success

With the many demands on educators, setting high expectations AND maintaining a positive school culture is a challenge for any school. By participating High Expectations = Positive School Culture: Strategies for Successin this webinar, attendees will hear how one school tackled declining student achievement and a negative school culture, turning it around to build a cohesive school team with high expectations. This presentation will provide examples of strategies that have proven highly effective in creating a positive school culture combined with student success. The strategies shared throughout this session will provide a toolkit of information for all attendees to implement in their own school community. The session will be presented by Sherry Watts and Kimberly Dison of Minneola Elementary Charter School. Read More

How a lender looks at a charter school

Parents entrust their children's education to you... and many charters face difficulty with building their dream facility. In order to make it a reality, schools need a lender willing to invest millions of dollars into the school. During this webinar, the presenters will review actual charter school budgets from a lender's perspective to identify what will catch a lender's eye. They will then discuss how you can address (or avoid) any weaknesses in your budget. This webinar will be presented by Adam Miller of EdTec, Inc. and Will Robison of Capital Impact Partners. Read More

How Engaging Staff Can Be the Gamechanger for Spending Waste

Spending waste is a top concern for K12 leaders, and especially at charter schools where funding is so limited. Charter schools can not afford to waste funds and resources on inefficiencies. Join us for a webinar presented by Brent Lomas and Jason Isaacs of ProcureK12 to learn more about how schools can build systems to improve efficiencies. By engaging stakeholders from the teachers to the school's leadership, schools can help ensure the right products and services get used. Read More

Implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Most school staff are familiar with the process of using MTSS to support students who are academically struggling, but the concept is also important when it comes to behavioral supports in school as well. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is a system used to support students who may be exhibiting difficult behaviors. This webinar will focus on an overview of the critical components of Tier 1 PBIS, along with examples and resources for implementation. Participants will also learn how to obtain in-depth training and technical assistance on multi-tiered PBIS systems from their statewide PBIS project free of charge. We encourage charter leaders to join the webinar to gain an an increased understanding of the model and how they can develop this at their schools with support from the project. This presentation will be presented by Ms. Catherine Raulerson of the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities who works on Florida's PBS:MTSS Project. Read More

Incident Report

This is a document which can be used to record incidents or injuries to keep a permanent record of incidents which may occur at the school. Read More

Intermediate Behavior Chart

This is a behavior chart which could be used by schools for students who are exhibiting negative behaviors. This form is geared more towards intermediate students. The form encourages the student to self-reflect on their behavior during the course, as well as provides the teacher with the opportunity to respond.  This data can then be collected by the last teacher who has the student during the day to monitor students progress towards behavioral goals. Read More

Internal Student Class Change Form

This form could be used to document when a student needs to have a course change, to ensure that the change is document, teachers are aware, and that all necessary administrative work is completed prior to the student being moved.  As always, the form should be tweaked to match the internal processes used at your school. Read More

Introducing the Budget Template Tool

The CSU has developed a comprehensive budget template tool which provides users with a question/answer format which automatically takes the answers and develops a comprehensive charter school budget based on the function and object codes outlined the Florida RedBook. Read More

Invoice Form

Sample invoice form to be used to send an invoice to another party. Read More

Job Description: Accounting Clerk

Job Description for an accounting clerk if the school has one. Read More

Job Description: Administrative Assistant

Job Description for the school's administrative asssitant, if it has one. Read More

Job Description: Art Teacher

Job Description to use for the school's art teacher. Read More

Job Description: Clerical Assistant

Job Description for a clerical assistant if the school has one. Read More

Job Description: Data Management Technician

Job Description to use for the data management technician or registrar. Read More

Job Description: Dean of Students

Job Description to use for a Dean of Students. Read More

Job Description: Educational Assistant

Job Description for educational assistants or Paraprofessionals at the school. Read More

Job Description: ESE / Gifted Teacher

Job Description for the school's ESE and/or Gifted Teacher. Read More

Job Description: Executive Director

Job Description to for the school's Executive Director, if it has one. Read More

Job Description: Guidance Counselor

Job Description to use for the school's Guidance Counselor Read More

Job Description: HR Resources

Job Description to use for a HR Resources Coordinator Read More

Job Description: Maintenance Coordinator

Job Description to use for the Maintenance Coordinator or custodian. Read More

Job Description: Music Teacher

Job Description to use for the school's music teacher. Read More

Job Description: Office Manager

Job Description for use of the office manager. Read More

Job Description: Parent Volunteer Liason

Job Description to use if you have a parent volunteer liason Read More

Job Description: PE and Health Teacher

Job Description to use for the PE and Health Teacher Read More

Job Description: Principal

Job Description to use for the school's Principal. Read More

Job Description: Reading Coach

Job Description for the school's reading coach. Read More

Job Description: Receptionist

Job Description to use for the receiptionist. Read More

Job Description: Teacher

Job description for a general classroom teacher Read More

Job Description: Title One Teacher

Sample job description for a Title One support teacher, if the school has one. Read More

Job Description: Transitions Teacher

Job Description for a transitions teacher if the school has one. Read More

Keys to Effective Fundraising

Many charter schools throughout the State need to raise funds to help support their program, especially newer schools. Many board members and school leaders do not have the knowledge or experience to run a successful fundraising campaign. However, by following a few simple steps, any school can launch a successful fundraising campaign. As the chairperson and founder of Marco Island Academy, a charter school in Collier County, Ms. Watt lead the school in raising nearly $3 million dollars from community donations in the past 4 years. There are several key steps that have lead to the school's successful fundraising efforts. These include establishing a clear plan, identifying key potential supporters and engaging them in the effort, and meeting with them one on one to ask for the money. This presentation highlighted these steps and how other schools could implement them at their schools. Read More

Leading a Robust Mentor Program

How do you provide more leadership opportunities for you students? What is the best way to acclimate incoming new students to your school environment? Is there a quicker way for students to get to know their peers, develop new friendships, and get excited about the school year, especially in a school choice atmosphere or environment? YES there is, put a Mentor Program in place NOW! This webinar will share details on how Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School implemented such a program, and tips on how other schools can replicate the success. Participants receive a a timeline to implement the program and learn how to improve the leadership opportunities for students. The presentation will discuss how to select, train and grow the student leaders. The webinar will be presented by Mr. Greg Winkler who is the HOPE teacher at FSWC and leads their mentorship program. Read More

Media Release

This is a form that parents can sign to give the school permission to photograph or record students. Read More

Medication Administration Incident Report Form

This is a form schools can use to record incidents which occur from mistakes with the administration of medications. Read More

Medication Administration Log Form

This is a form schools can use to log the administration of medication to students. Read More

Mileage Reimbursement Form

This is a document that schools can use for employees to record their mileage and request reimbursement. Read More

Money Receipt Log

This is a sample form a school could implement to record money coming into the school. Read More
Jul 2017

New School Institute - July 13, 2017

The July 13, 2017 was the fourth training as part of the 2017 New School ... Read More
Oct 2016

New School Institute - November 2, 2016

New School Institute To learn more about the New School Institute, please visit: This ... Read More

New School Institute Training 1

The Charter Support Unit was excited to present the first New School Institute training on ... Read More

New School Institute Training 4

The third training of the New School Institute was held on July 13, 2016 in ... Read More

New State Financial Reporting Template

In October the State Board of Education approved an amendment to Rule 6A-1.0081 regarding Monthly Financial Statements and Financial Conditions for charter schools. This presentation will give a brief description of the rule, and demonstrate how to get the information for the new model reports from Quickbooks. Updates to the charter school statutes last year indicated that all charter schools will be required to use the new forms approved by the Department. Read More

Parent Volunteer Survey

Parental involvement is one indicator of school success. Schools who are strategic about volunteering will try to match volunteer opportunities to the strengths of parents, and to utilize this as a way to increase involvement. This parent survey helps schools to identify parent skills and availability to help make those matches. Read More

Petty Cash Reconciliation

This document can be used to track and monitor petty cash if the school is utilizing petty cash. Read More

Policy - Employee Bonuses

This policy is meant to provide the option to provide employee bonuses. Read More

Policy - Compensation for Addtional Responsibilities

This policy is regarding compensating employees for duties above and beyond their typical responsibilities. Read More

Policy 3.7.1 - Medical Leave Policy

This policy is a general medical leave policies that schools are private employers who have less than 50 employees can use in place of the Family and Medical Leave Act policy. Read More

Policy 4.6.2 - Medication Administration

This policy is meant to to clarify the requirements of the school with regards to students who require medications at the school. It includes details about how the medications are to be delivered to the school and safety procedures with regards to administration. Read More

Policy 6.14 - Complaint Procedure

This procedure is designed to ensure that an amicable resolution to community members complaints is attempted at all times. The board of directors has provided this mechanism by which community members can express their concerns and receive a resolution. This procedure applies to all school activities. Read More

Policy 7.10 - Investment Policy

Policy to direct the investment of funds not immediately necessary by the school. Read More

Policy 7.2.11 - Corporate Credit and Debit Card

To define the availability and rules related to the use of a corporate credit or debit card for a school. Read More

Policy 7.2.12 - Financial Conditions

Florida statute and administrative rule provide guidelines for declaring a deteriorating financial condition among charter schools. In the event this occurs, the school is required to develop a corrective action plan. The following policy deals with this plan. Read More

Policy 7.2.13 - Expense Reimbursement Policy

This policy provides clear rules and processes with regards to reimbursing employees, Directors or other school community members for expenses made on behalf of the school. Read More

Policy 7.2.14 - Accounts Receivable and Cash Management

This policy is to ensure strong internal controls and appropriate separation of duties related to accounts receivable transactions. Read More

Policy 7.2.15 - Collections

Policy regarding the collection of funds for school activities. Read More

Policy 7.2.16 - Fund Based Accounting Policy

This policy is meant to identify Fund Based Accounting which will be used by the organization. Read More

Preparing for and running student lotteries

Charter Schools are required to ensure that all applicants shall have an equal chance of being admitted through a random selection process. What exactly is required for the lottery process? The presentation will focus on those legal requirements and compliance that charter schools should be aware of. It will also address Florida based preferences, written lottery policy guidelines, and the future of weighted lotteries in Florida. Read More

Preparing for Survey Two - Ensuring Your School Is Funded

The Florida Educational Finance Program provides funds to public schools, including charter schools. The funding is based on the data reported during the state reporting weeks. The first reporting week is quickly appraoching falling on October 12-16 this year. It is essential that charter schools carefully ensure all data is entered and reported correctly in order to receive accurate funding from the state. Just having the students enrolled does not guarantee you will receive accurate funding, there are many components to the funding formula. This presentation provided a broad overview of the reporting requirements, reminding you of some of the essential points to remember as you ensure your data is correct during survey week. Ms, Kendra Jahnke of the Department of Education's Bureau of PK-12 Education Information Services will lead this discussion to help schools prepare for Survey Two. Read More

Preparing for your Audit

Florida statutes contain several requirements for Charter Schools when it comes to conducting an annual audit. The laws state not only that an audit must be conducted by have specific requirements about how that auditor must be selected. This presntation will walk you through the process of selecting an auditor ranging from the bid process to what questions to ask and what to look for. We will also cover some basic information on what documents you want to start preparing to ensure that the audit process will go smoothly once the fiscal year has ended. Read More

Primary Behavior Chart

This is a behavior chart which could be used by schools for students who are exhibiting negative behaviors. This form is geared more towards primary students. The form encourages the student to self-reflect on their behavior during the course, as well as provides the teacher with the opportunity to respond.  This data can then be collected by the last teacher who has the student during the day to monitor students progress towards behavioral goals. Read More

Procurement Documentation Form

This is a sample document to be used when the school is purchasing items. Read More

Publicity Waiver

This is a sample form that a school may wish to adopt to obtain parent permission to take pictures of students and use those pictures for school publicity. Read More

Purchase Order Form

This purchase order form can be used if a vendor requires a purchase order to ensure a purchase has been approved. Purchase Orders can also be used to accrue funds before they are spent. Read More
Feb 2015

Quickbooks Chart of Accounts

Charter Schools are required to use the accounting classifications as defined in the Red Book ... Read More

Release of Information

This is a document a school can use to get permission to release or obtain student information from another entity. This is especially important with regards to student private and HIPA requirements. Read More

Restorative Practice: Breaking the Out-of-School Suspension Cycle through Restorative Circles

Developing a comprehensive behavioral plan for a charter school is essential to ensure smooth operations. This presentation will look specifically discuss how to lead "Restorative Circles". Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the need to reach and teach ALL students by pulling them in (Restorative Approach) rather than pushing them out (Out of school suspension). This presentation will be especially helpful for schools who are developing or revamping their school wide behavioral plan to meet the needs of your students. Read More

RFP - Alarm Monitoring

RFP (Request for Proposal) form to use to solicit bids to find a company to monitor the school's security system. Read More

RFP - Back Office Services

RFP (Request for Proposal) form to use to solicit bids to acquire a payroll process / employee leasing company. Read More

RFP - Insurance

RFP (Request for Proposal) form to use to solicit bids to insurance policies in alignment with the school's charter contract. Read More

RFP - Intercom System

RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids for an intercom system to be used within a charter school. Read More

RFP - Security Surveillance

RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids for security / surveillance systems to be used at a charter school. Read More

RFP: Accounting Services

RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids for accounting and financial services for a charter school. Read More

RFP: Auditor

RFP (Request for Proposals) to solicit bids from auditors in compliance with Florida's statutory requirements that a bid process be used to select an auditor. Read More

RFP: Payroll Processing Services

RFP (Request for Proposals) for soliciting bids for payroll processing services. Read More

RFP: School Uniforms

RFP (Request for Proposals) to solicit bids for students' school uniforms. Read More

RFP: Transportation Services

RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids from transportation companies to acquire student bussing services. Read More

Sample Compensation Manual

This document provides information on how to calculate payroll information for employees, especially salaried employees whose salaries are paid over 12-months, but who may work less than 12-months out of the year.   It provides formulas for calculating the final pay paychecks for employees who leave prior to the end of the school year, as well as calculating per-check amounts for those employees who start working at the school after the first day of school. The Charter Support Unit recommends that Boards adopt a document similar to this, or incorporate this into their policy manual to ensure that employees understand the payroll processes used at the school. Read More

Sample Policy Manual

This sample policy manual provides a sample comprehensive policy manual that schools can use to craft their own policy manual. It is strongly recommended that schools do not just adopt this policy manual, but instead use it as a reference to develop a policy manual that will work well with the school in accordance with your charter application, charter contract and desires of the governing board. Read More

Sample Principal Contract

Sample employee contract for the school's principal of executive director. Read More

Sample School Behavior Confirmation

This document is a sample list of behaviors which may require student consequences and a list of potential consequences for those behaviors. It includes excerpts from a bullying policy which the parents also should acknowledge. Read More

Sample Teacher Contract

Sample Contract to use for teachers at the school. Read More

SBLT / MTSS Request Form

This is a form a school could adapt to use to allow teachers to bring a student to the attention of the school based leadership team and begin the MTSS process for a student who may be exhibiting difficulties. Read More

SBLT Parent Notification Form

This is a sample letter which a teacher could use to notify a student's parent or guardian that the school's school based leadership team will be meeting to discuss the student. Read More

SBLT Problem Solving Action Plan

This document could be used by a school based leadership team to implement an MTSS process to brainstorm potential interventions which may be effective for an individual student and then to decide upon a course of action, and to document the follow up from the meeting at regular intervals after the meeting. Read More

School Spotlight: River City Science Academy

River City Science Academy is a public charter school that opened in 2007 with the focus on providing best-in-class STEM education to students in Duval County. The school is committed to graduating every student college ready through the variety of educational programs they offer at the school. The school’s mission is “To instill a love for learning in a structured and nurturing environment through engaging and stimulating learning opportunities.” Join us for a presentation by Principal Ozan Sipahioglu who will walk through how the school builds the nurturing environment at the school, and some of the tools the school uses to help staff stay connected to each, students and parents. Read More

Section 504: 21 Myths and Realities

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is perhaps the most misunderstood law applicable to the education of students with special needs. Section 504 is a federal law designed to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. Specifically, Section 504 indicates that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely because of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal funds. Many school principals and teachers are not well versed in this federal law, yet the primary impact of and responsibility for a Section 504 Plan is in general education. There are distinct differences between a Section 504 Plan and an IEP and they include being implemented in the general education classroom, created as a civil rights law, and no funding attached to it. Charter school LEADERS play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of students with a Section 504 Plan. This engaging and interactive session will provide 21 explanations on myths and realities in the Section 504 process and implementation at a school. The webinar will be presented by Liliana Salazar, the National Director of Special Education and Student Support for Academica. Read More

SOP: Fingerprinting

Standard Operating Procedure to use to ensure staff members are appropriate fingerprinted and background checks completed. Read More

SOP: Incoming and Outgoing Mail / Delivery Procedures

Standard Operating Procedure for dealing with incoming and outgoing mail to ensure the separation of duties with regards to accepting payments and invoices. Read More

SOP: Purchase Orders

Standard Operating Procedure for issuing Purchase Orders to purchase items. Read More

Spotlight: Athenian Academy Charter School

Athenian Academy Charter School opened in 2000, and has just started their 16th year educating students in Pinellas County, and have opened in a brand new facility this year. When it opened, the school was first Greek immersion charter in the United States. Today, Athenian Academy’s curriculum has evolved into dual foreign languages including both Greek and Spanish. The school's leader attributes a large part of the success of Athenian Academy towards the strong teams and professionals on staff. In her words “I make it a point to surround myself with people who are excellent at what they do. What makes this school work is that they do things better than I can.” This spotlight presentation discussed the school and explained their efforts to build effective teams within their staff to ensure student success. Read More

Spotlight: Bay Haven Charter Academy

Bay Haven Charter Academy opened in 2001 with just over 200 students and has grown into a network of schools serving nearly 3,000 students, receiving almost exclusively "A" grades from the state grading system each year for every school.  The school credits it's success to building their school on philosophical constructs based on best practice, and what is best for kids. One of the keys to their program is to "Bayhavenize" all of their stake holders from students to parents to staff members.  Each summer the school hosts a New Teacher Boot Camp to orientate their new staff members to the ideals that have made Bay Haven a success.  This presentation was led by Dr. Tim Kitts regarding their teacher orientation program, and how they ensure their staff live up to the High Expectations/High Achievement the school has for employees. Read More

Spotlight: Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School

Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School is a public charter school opened in 2007. Founded by Pro Football Hall of Fame Bucs Linebacker Derrick Brooks and the Edward J. DeBartolo Family, the school has always been focused on the goal of providing a high quality collegiate educational program to its students. The school uses a variety of methods to customize their educational approaches to reach each individual student, and has experienced fantastic success, having gone from a "D" in its second year to five consecutive "A"s from the State of Florida. This presentation focused on this successful school and how the Principal, Ms. Kristine Bennett uses her strong organizational skills to plan the school. The talk was focused on what leaders can do to plan for the myriad of deadlines and requirements they need to focus on, while still allowing them to stay focused on the important task of the school's academic success. Read More

Spotlight: Sigsbee Charter School / Place Based Education

Sigsbee Charter School is a public charter school located on the Naval Air Station Key West (NASKW). Sigsbee is one of only a handful of charter schools in the United States located on and focused on servicing children of military families in grade k-8. The school is a model not only with regards to being a high performing charter school in the state of Florida, but is also frequently studied by federal officials for replication among other military bases throughout the country. Despite the highly transient population, the school has earned an A rating in every year it was assessed. It has been awarded two substantial grants from the Department of Defense Education Act and is currently working under a Dissemination Grant for Best Practices awarded by the Department of Education. In this presentation Principal Eli Jannes will talk about the unique traits that make Sigsbee so successful. She will focus on Place-Based Education, a tool used to increase engagement and achievement while taking advantage of one's unique environmental and community partnerships. Read More

Spotlight: St. Petersburg Collegiate High School

St. Petersburg Collegiate High School has just opened their doors for their twelfth year. The school offers high school students the opportunity to graduate with both a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree from St. Petersburg College. Their vision is to cultivate motivated learners, develop critical thinkers and empower visionary leaders. In order to do this, the school has built a culture around supporting and empowering their students to be successful on a college campus. This spotlight presentation focused on how SPCHS built this successful culture. School staff shared how they work with students to build their schedules, provide guidance and counseling and cultivate leadership within their students. Read More

Student Behavior Documentation Log

This is a log document which can be used by school staff to record incidents with regards to a specific student. This type of a log is particularly beneficial when starting the MTSS process to collect data regarding a student's behavior prior to meeting with a school based leadership team in order to identify specific behaviors to target through the MTSS process. Read More

Student Disciplinary Form

This sample form can be used by schools to document student consequences and disciplinary issues. Read More

Student Emergency Release and Medical Information

This sample form is form the school can adapt to collect necessary medical an emergency release information for students. Schools should adopt (or use the district's) form which does receive permission for the school to get emergency medical treatment for students. Schools should also carefully consider a process for ensuring these documents can be easily obtained in the case of an emergency. Read More

Student Think It Over Forms

This is a form that was used by one school to give students when they needed to be prompted to think about their involvement in a particular situation.  This was used when students received a detention and was required as an exit ticket before students could return to class, but the use of such a form should match the overall mission and processes utilized at each individual school. Read More

Thank You For Donation Letter & Charitable Receipt

DescriptionThis sample letter could be used to send thank yous to donors to the school and to provide them for a tax receipt for their contribution. Read More

The importance of data reporting to ensure full FTE funding

The Florida Educational Finance Program provides funds to public schools, including charter schools.  The funding is based on the data reported during the state reporting weeks.  The first of which is October 8-12 this year.  Ensuring you have the data entered properly is essential to ensuring you receive all of the funds you are entitled to.  Even if you have the students in the seats at your school, you must have them reported correctly to receive funds. Dr. Andrew Binns was formerly the director of FTE & Student Reporting for the School District of Palm Beach County, he and a panel of other experts will provide tips for charter school leaders to help prepare for FTE week. This presentation will be specifically geared towards new schools and new educational leaders facing FTE reporting for the first time. Read More

The Life Cycle of Charter School Financing

Charters have been operating for over 20 years, and access to facilities is still one of the biggest challenges charter schools face. As the charter school market has grown, Financing Options have grown as well and now charter schools have more than a few options to consider. This session will discuss the various options available to charters and the best practices to help get the facility to match your needs today and accommodate your growth for tomorrow. You will come away with an understanding of various options (Developer Financing, CDFI Lending, Bank Financing, and Long-Term Tax-Exempt Bond Financing) to determine what is best fit for your charter school as you plan for your future. Read More

The Road from Leasing to Owning - Charter School Facilities

Finding a permanent home for a charter school is one of the most complicated tasks the school will face. Options abound for the facility itself and the financing of those facilities. This presentation will share the various options which are available for facilities and financing from one school's experience moving from leasing, renovating existing buildings and developing new facilities. The school has had land lords, developers, and obtained bond financing. The webinar will be presented by Richard Moreno of Building Hope and Greg McKenna of BB&T Bank. Read More

The Role of Insurance for Charter Schools

Charter Schools face very unique exposures to risk on a daily basis. Ignorance of these exposures is not a valid legal defense. Understanding methods in which to minimize or ways to transfer risk is essential. Insurance is a practical option to providing a level of protection against financial loss for school operators, administrators, and employees. Please join us for an informative presentation on the exposures Charter Schools face and the role insurance & risk management plays in, not only satisfying County School District requirements, but also providing peace of mind. This presentation is for new and experienced school leaders and employees. All are welcomed to attend. Read More

The Role of School Leadership in Influencing Student Outcomes

Does school leadership play a role in influencing classroom instruction, student learning and achievement? When school administrators and teacher leaders collaborate, can all students succeed? Research shows that effective leaders use teacher leadership to improve the school learning climate while they work directly on professional development and school program coherence. Using the 5Essentials framework, this webinar will explore how school leaders who prioritize establishing a clear, coherent vision and shared goals to coordinate the work of teachers and building a safe, supportive environment with high expectations for students set up teachers and students to be most successful. The presenters will also explore the role of trust, opportunities for professional development, and teacher collaboration in creating the buy-in necessary for organizational change through case studies of school leaders using 5Essentials System. This session will be presented by Elliot Ransom, Co-CEO and Collette Walton, Co-Director, the Partnerships & Growth, 5Essentials & Cultivate at UChicago Impact at the University of Chicago. Read More

Threat Assessment Form

This form can be used to document an investigation when a student is causing issues or a threat may lead to police/law enforcement intervention with a student.  This form should be tweaked to match the internal processes the school uses to deal with such issues. Read More

Title I, Part A Basics

How to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on State academic achievement standards and assessments. This free webinar will be presented by Sonya Morris- Chief of Federal Educational programs with the Department of Education. Read More

Understanding Your Required Financial Documents

Accounting and financial reporting for charter schools are complicated and often counter-intuitive. This webinar will focus on how to understand the basics of these financial reports. This presentation will be particularly beneficial for Governing Board members and new administrators who are unfamiliar with the accounting systems typically used by charter schools. The webinar will review the revenue estimating workbook, what should be in the annual budget, how to examine financial reports and what to expect with year-end financial reporting and audits. The webinar will be presented by Bill Hunter and Christy Simmons, partners with Hunter and Simmons, CPAs. Read More
Apr 2017

Using the CSU Budget Template for Charter Applications

The Charter Support Unit has developed a comprehensive budget template designed to help create a complete budget. Many groups writing charter applications have used the template to write new charter applications. This webinar will be presented to speak to groups using the template to write a charter application. The presentation will discuss the importance of ensuring alignment between your charter application’s narrative and the budget itself. It will talk about common issues groups have had while using the budget tool, and will discuss some of the key indicators districts might look at while reviewing your application’s budget. Read More

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