Employment Resources

Building on a Foundation of Engagement through Stay Interviews

Are you looking for ways to more effectively engage and build on the culture of your charter school? After all, engagement and culture are proven key drivers of performance and retention. Engagement is that magical thing that happens when employees consistently give your organization discretionary effort. So how do you encourage and enhance employee engagement while supporting a culture of growth and excellence? Many organizations are finding that through effectively and authentically conducting "stay interviews" they are able to enhance employee engagement, create positive cultures focused on lifelong learning and improve retention. This session will review why stay interviews lead to improved engagement and retention, benefits of and key components for effectively conducting stay interviews within your organization. Read More

Complaint & Grievance Form

This is a document for staff members to file a complaint about the operations of the school.  Each school should have a policy about how such complaints are handled at the school and who is responsible for receiving and investigating employee complaints. Read More

Discrimination or Harassment Complaint Form

This is a form that a school could adopt to give employees the opportunity to file a complaint of discrimination or harassment against the school or other staff member. Read More

Employee Application Form

Sample employee application form to use for potential employees. Read More

Employee Change Documentation

Form to be used to document when a change is made to an employee's salary or position. Read More

Employee Exit Check List

Form to use to ensure all tasks are completed when an employee resigns or is terminated. Read More

Employee Reference Check Form

This form is a way to document the employee reference checks conducted on employee applicants. Read More

Employee Time Off Request Form

Form to use to document when an employee is absent from work and to record paid time off / sick leave / etc. Read More

Employee Timesheet

Sample timesheet form which automatically calculates an employee's total time for a pay period. Read More

Employee Warning Notice

This is a sample form to document warnings issued for disciplinary issues related to the school's employees. Read More

Employment Offer Letter

Sample employee offer letter which can be used when an employee will be hired prior to signing an employee contract. Read More

End of the Year Checkout List

Sample list to give to teachers before they leave for the summer months to ensure all tasks related to closing the school up for the summer are complete. Read More

Equipment Responsibility Form

This is a sample form the school may wish to use when issuing expensive equipment to individual staff members, such as a laptop computer, to ensure employees understand the responsibility for caring for such equipment. Read More

Exit Interview Form

Sample questionnaire to give to employees once they leave employment with the school to collect data about how the school can improve from the employee's perspective. Read More

Final Paycheck Calculations

This form is meant to provide documentation to employees who are separating from the school with regards to the amount they should expect on their final paycheck.  This document aligns with the calculations defined within the Sample Compensation Manual. Read More

Finding staff with Teachers-Teachers.com

Teachers-Teachers.com is contracted by the FLDOE to provide its service/website for FREE to all Florida Charter Schools. With currently more than 30,000 certified, Florida-resident, Florida-certified educators in the Teachers-Teachers.com resume database, their service is the largest Florida online K-12 educator recruitment service in the United States. This is an essential tool for recruiting and managing teacher applications for schools as they look to startup or grow. This webinar will focus on how to use this free service to find K-12 teachers, administrators, and related service personnel for their open positions. The presentation will demonstrate how to post jobs, search resumes, and how to send either local and/or email blasts to advertise open positions. You will also be advised how to get your school registered, if you are not already registered and using Teachers-Teachers.com. Read More
Feb 2017

Firing an employee - Make sure you cross your "T"s and dot your "i"s

Charter Schools have the option to be a public or private employer. Florida is an at-will employment state. Many people believe that this means you can just terminate an employee when necessary. While this is true, terminating an employee does open the school up to potential lawsuits. Therefore it is important for schools to ensure they have policies in place to properly document and support employees prior to firing them. Join us for this presentation presented by Lindsay Oyewale of de Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP which will focus on the details of terminating an employee. Read More

FLDOE Disciplinary Action Search and Mandatory Hiring Practices

Hiring employees is a critical task for school administrators. Not only do you need to focus on hiring the best and brightest candidates, but you also need to be focused on statutory requirements regarding vetting of new hires. In addition to the criminal history background and reference checks, charter schools must check the Bureau of Educator Certification for any processing alerts and the state's Disciplinary Action Search webpage for any final orders of the Education Practices Commission. This presentation will focus on how to use these search systems to identify prohibitions from employment and any limitations or conditions of practice for potential educator candidates. The webinar will be presented by Marian Lambeth, who is the Chief of Professional Practices Services with the Florida Department of Education. Read More

Florida Charter School Evaluation Site

This webinar provided an overview of the Florida Charter School Evaluation Site. The training site is intended to sustain the onsite teacher and principal evaluation training funded by the Department of Education and delivered by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/The Leadership and Learning Center throughout 2013. The resources provided on the site will help users understand and implement teacher and principal evaluation systems that meet the Florida statutory requirements. During this webinar, a team member from HMH walked attendees through the resources available on the website and how to easily access information to support evaluation plan development, refinement, or delivery of professional development on research-based teaching and leadership best practices. Read More

FMLA Request for Leave Form

Sample FMLA Request form to be used if your school is required to offer FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) leave to your employees. If you are working with an employee leasing or payroll company they may have a form you may be required to use, however, if they do not, this sample document could be modified to be used at your school. Read More

How Engaging Staff Can Be the Gamechanger for Spending Waste

Spending waste is a top concern for K12 leaders, and especially at charter schools where funding is so limited. Charter schools can not afford to waste funds and resources on inefficiencies. Join us for a webinar presented by Brent Lomas and Jason Isaacs of ProcureK12 to learn more about how schools can build systems to improve efficiencies. By engaging stakeholders from the teachers to the school's leadership, schools can help ensure the right products and services get used. Read More

How to Effectively Create a Professional Development Plan Using the Teacher Evaluation

Educators often talk about building life-long learners in our students. Equally importantly for charter school leaders is facilitating a process to make your staff members life long learners as well. This webinar will focus on providing an interactive process between those who are evaluated, the evaluators, and the coaches in order to develop realistic professional development plan. This interaction promotes effective peer communication to identify and address evaluatee's strength and weakness. The peer coaches can provide timely feedback regarding professional development standards, affecting student learning. The implementation of the strategies discussed in this webinar will facilitate professional development and student's growth. This webinar will be presented by Raul Baez of Excelsior Charter and Everest Charter Schools. Read More

Initial Salary Placement Notice

This form is meant to lay out the per-paycheck amount for a new employee so they are clear on the salary they will be paid. Read More

Mileage Reimbursement Form

This is a document that schools can use for employees to record their mileage and request reimbursement. Read More

New Hire Checklist

This sample form can be used to organize all of the paper and tasks which need to be completed when a new employee is hired by the school. Read More

New Salary Schedule Requirements

Florida Statute 1012.22 requires that schools develop a performance salary schedule by July 1, 2014. Charter Schools are not exempt from this new requirement. This presentation will review the legal requirements, and share a potential template that schools may wish to consider for developing their new performance salary schedule. The presentation will be given by Mr. Jeff Wood, attorney at law and Curtis Fuller from the Charter Support Unit. Read More

Performance Based Salary Schedules

Florida Statute 1012.22 requires that schools develop a performance salary schedule by July 1, 2014. ... Read More

Planning for Professional Development

Most schools claim that they want to create life-long learners of their students. If this is your goal, professional development should be an essential component of your program so that our teachers are demonstrating life-long learning. Dr. Tim Kitts, Chief Education Officer of Bay Haven Academy will present this webinar about how to ensure professional development is a primary focus with school staff. The presentation will give suggestions on how to organize and plan a comprehensive professional development plan for the entire school year which is focused on results. Read More

Professional Learning Communities are Key to Raising Student Academic Achievement

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) provide schools with a cohesive structure to analyze data and sure continuous growth among staff. This webinar will focus on the role of PLCs as they relate to data-driven instruction and the implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI). Roles, norms, and methodologies for effective PLC meetings will be clearly defined. Participants will be exposed to research which shows the positive impact which PLCs have on student academic achievement. Examples of how PLC meetings can be embedded in the school schedule, as well as examples of how to lead them, will be offered in this presentation. Join us for this informative webinar to better understand how PLCs can serve as fertile ground for the implementation of RtI, and that well planned and implemented PLC meetings can lead to improved achievement of ALL students. The presentation will be led by Alexandra Penn, the Learning Design Coach for Pasco County Schools. Read More

RFP: Payroll Processing Services

RFP (Request for Proposals) for soliciting bids for payroll processing services. Read More

Sample Compensation Manual

This document provides information on how to calculate payroll information for employees, especially salaried employees whose salaries are paid over 12-months, but who may work less than 12-months out of the year.   It provides formulas for calculating the final pay paychecks for employees who leave prior to the end of the school year, as well as calculating per-check amounts for those employees who start working at the school after the first day of school. The Charter Support Unit recommends that Boards adopt a document similar to this, or incorporate this into their policy manual to ensure that employees understand the payroll processes used at the school. Read More

Sample Principal Contract

Sample employee contract for the school's principal of executive director. Read More

Sample Teacher Contract

Sample Contract to use for teachers at the school. Read More

Spotlight: Athenian Academy Charter School

Athenian Academy Charter School opened in 2000, and has just started their 16th year educating students in Pinellas County, and have opened in a brand new facility this year. When it opened, the school was first Greek immersion charter in the United States. Today, Athenian Academy’s curriculum has evolved into dual foreign languages including both Greek and Spanish. The school's leader attributes a large part of the success of Athenian Academy towards the strong teams and professionals on staff. In her words “I make it a point to surround myself with people who are excellent at what they do. What makes this school work is that they do things better than I can.” This spotlight presentation discussed the school and explained their efforts to build effective teams within their staff to ensure student success. Read More

Staff Computer Sign Out Agreement

This sample form could be used to sign out computers to staff members and warn them that they are responsible for the school's equipment while it is in their possession. Read More

Staff Coverage Form

This is a form that schools could use if they are implementing a process allowing teachers to cover for each other for situations such as doctors appointments.  The CSU recommends that if the school is utilizing this type of a process that some documentation is put in place to ensure that individual teachers are not taking advantage of the situation. Read More

Summary of 1012.31 - Personnel Files

According to Florida Statute (1012.31), the personnel files for public school employees are eligible for public inspection, and certain requirements exist for the process to add additional information into the employee record.  This document provides a summary of 1012.31 and what pieces of a personnel files are exempt from public records requests. Read More

Teacher Evaluation Requirements of the Student Success Act

In 2011 the Florida Legislature passed a bill commonly referred to as SB736, otherwise known as the "Student Success Act."  This bill was signed into law in 2011, and altered the way teacher evaluations occur in Florida.  It required that schools develop a performance evaluation system based on specific state requirements, along with a pay-for-performance component.  This document describes the teacher evaluation components described in Florida Statute 1012.34.  Click here to access the information sheet about 1012.22(1)(c) regarding pay for performance. Read More

The RIGHT way to hire

Now is the time to start recruiting, interviewing and offering positions to your teachers if you have not already done so. During this presentation we will talk about some free tools to charter schools to recruit staff, processes to organize the applications you have received and some legal potholes to avoid when you start hiring your additional staff members. Read More

Unpaid Leave Calculator

This form is meant to be a way to document for employees who are going on unpaid leave how that leave will affect their paychecks once they return to work. Read More