Facilities Resources

12 Facility Planning Mistakes.... That You Won't Make

Undertaking a facility development, acquisition, or construction project for your permanent school home is a BIG deal. This informative webinar will show you the 12 most common, fixable - but often devastating - mistakes charter school founders, board, and leaders make in their facility planning. Participants will leave with the practical, project-saving tools and insight to avoid these mistakes. This webinar will be presented by Ms. Melissa Provost the Manager of Business Development and Patrick Beausoleil the Vice President of Business Development for Highmark School Development. Read More

Aligning your budget to educational priorities

Balancing budget priorities is difficult for all charter schools in Florida, but trying to prioritize the budget for high needs / turn-around schools is an even more complex puzzle. Aligning your educational priorities to your plan for spending money is essential to ensure the correct staff are in place, and that your students achieve the planned academic outcomes. This webinar hosted a panel of school leaders and financiers who have experience with turn-around schools and talked about how to align a budget to a school's academic priorities. Read More

Building Key Signout Form

This is a sample form that a school can use for staff members to acknowledge the sign out of building keys, and to warn staff about the consequences of losing keys to the building. Read More

Building Rental Agreement

If you are able to sub-lease your building, we recommend having policies established regarding the process and requirements for outside organizations who wish to rent out your building's space. If you are leasing your property, be careful to review your lease, as many leases prohibit sub-leasing your space. This form should be modified to match the policies in place at your school. (The policies cited on this draft are the policies used in the CSU Sample Policy Manual). Read More

Charter School Facilities 101

For new schools, or schools looking to expand, facilities issues often cause issues for charter schools in providing the best possible program. Questions around how to go about getting the best deal on a lease, or exploring the possibility of purchasing are stressful decisions for school leadership and governance. This webinar focusedĀ on the pros and cons of leasing versus purchasing, and information to keep in mind as you start negotiating for a space to best meet the needs of your students. Read More

Classroom Safety Checklist

This is a sample form the school could adopt to ensure all of the typical safety issues that schools should be concerned about are completed in each classroom. The school may wish to institute a policy whereby this form is completed each semester for each classroom at the school. Read More

Detailed Sample Safety Plan

This sample safety plan provides guidance and a sample for developing a comprehensive safety plan. School's should not just adopt this document!, it is important this only be used as a guide for developing a custom plan specific to your facility, staff and school. Read More

End of the Year Checkout List

Sample list to give to teachers before they leave for the summer months to ensure all tasks related to closing the school up for the summer are complete. Read More

Finding and Planning for Facilities

Facilities is one of the most common difficulties faced by new charter schools. The facilities most charters are able to secure to get their school started may not be the ideal situation to support their future plans. This presentation will talk about the importance of strategically thinking about the future, and then planning to make that future a reality. We will discuss what financial considerations should be put into place now to prepare the school to acquire a better facility in the future. Read More

Fire Drill Log Form

While there is no formal requirement that schools have a specific documentation form to document their fire drills, fire drills are required to be held month, and we encourage schools to develop a system for monitoring and documenting these drills. This form is a sample form a school could use to document their fire drills, and keep them in a binder (perhaps near your fire alarm panel). Read More

How a lender looks at a charter school

Parents entrust their children's education to you... and many charters face difficulty with building their dream facility. In order to make it a reality, schools need a lender willing to invest millions of dollars into the school. During this webinar, the presenters will review actual charter school budgets from a lender's perspective to identify what will catch a lender's eye. They will then discuss how you can address (or avoid) any weaknesses in your budget. This webinar will be presented by Adam Miller of EdTec, Inc. and Will Robison of Capital Impact Partners. Read More

Maintenance Request Form

This sample form can be used for staff members to request maintenance assistance and to help the maintenance staff keep track of the requests being received. Read More

Negotiating a Facilities Lease for Charter Schools

The two largest expenses charter schools face are typically employees and facilities. Negotiating a favorable lease is essential to not only ensuring that the school is paying an appropriate amount for their space, but also to be sure they are protected into the future and can use the space for the wide variety of activities the school may eventually want to participate in. The lease agreement is typically a complex legal document with many parts. This webinar will discuss what you should consider when you are negotiating (or renegotiating) your lease with your landlord, and key indicators you will want to pay attention to. The presentation will be presented by Mr. Jeff Wood, an attorney who specializes in working with charter schools throughout the state. Read More

New School Institute Training 1

The Charter Support Unit was excited to present the first New School Institute training on ... Read More

RFP - Alarm Monitoring

RFP (Request for Proposal) form to use to solicit bids to find a company to monitor the school's security system. Read More

RFP - Security Surveillance

RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids for security / surveillance systems to be used at a charter school. Read More

SOP: Building Key Assignment

Standard Operating Procedure for assigning and checking out keys to the building. Read More

The Road from Leasing to Owning - Charter School Facilities

Finding a permanent home for a charter school is one of the most complicated tasks the school will face. Options abound for the facility itself and the financing of those facilities. This presentation will share the various options which are available for facilities and financing from one school's experience moving from leasing, renovating existing buildings and developing new facilities. The school has had land lords, developers, and obtained bond financing. The webinar will be presented by Richard Moreno of Building Hope and Greg McKenna of BB&T Bank. Read More