Comprehensive Policy Manual

This sample policy manual provides a sample comprehensive policy manual that schools can use to craft their own policy manual. It is strongly recommended that schools do not just adopt this policy manual, but instead use it as a reference to develop a policy manual that will work well with the school in accordance with your charter application, charter contract and desires of the governing board. Read More

Policy - Employee Bonuses

This policy is meant to provide the option to provide employee bonuses. Read More

Policy - Compensation for Addtional Responsibilities

This policy is regarding compensating employees for duties above and beyond their typical responsibilities. Read More

Policy 3.7.1 - Medical Leave Policy

This policy is a general medical leave policies that schools are private employers who have less than 50 employees can use in place of the Family and Medical Leave Act policy. Read More

Policy 4.6.2 - Medication Administration

This policy is meant to to clarify the requirements of the school with regards to students who require medications at the school. It includes details about how the medications are to be delivered to the school and safety procedures with regards to administration. Read More

Policy 6.14 - Complaint Procedure

This procedure is designed to ensure that an amicable resolution to community members complaints is attempted at all times. The board of directors has provided this mechanism by which community members can express their concerns and receive a resolution. This procedure applies to all school activities. Read More

Policy 7.10 - Investment Policy

Policy to direct the investment of funds not immediately necessary by the school. Read More

Policy 7.2.11 - Corporate Credit and Debit Card

To define the availability and rules related to the use of a corporate credit or debit card for a school. Read More

Policy 7.2.12 - Financial Conditions

Florida statute and administrative rule provide guidelines for declaring a deteriorating financial condition among charter schools. In the event this occurs, the school is required to develop a corrective action plan. The following policy deals with this plan. Read More

Policy 7.2.13 - Expense Reimbursement Policy

This policy provides clear rules and processes with regards to reimbursing employees, Directors or other school community members for expenses made on behalf of the school. Read More

Policy 7.2.14 - Accounts Receivable and Cash Management

This policy is to ensure strong internal controls and appropriate separation of duties related to accounts receivable transactions. Read More

Policy 7.2.15 - Collections

Policy regarding the collection of funds for school activities. Read More

Policy 7.2.16 - Fund Based Accounting Policy

This policy is meant to identify Fund Based Accounting which will be used by the organization. Read More