2012 - Florida Statutory Requirements (1002.33)

This document contains a list of the statutory requirements of charter schools based on the 2012 Florida Statutes. Read More
Jul 2017

2017 HB 7069 Statute Updates

The 2017 Legislature approved House Bill #7069 which made many changes to educational and charter ... Read More

Appling for 501(c)(3) Status

Charter Schools in Florida are required to incorporate as not-for-profit agencies.  This means that when ... Read More

Attorney Contacts

The following list of attorneys has been generated by CSU staff. We do not make any assertions about the qualities or expertise of these attorneys, only that they have worked with charter schools in the past. If you know of other attorneys who should be added to this list, please contact Curtis Fuller. Read More

Auditors with Charter School Experience

The Florida Auditor General posts all charter school audits on their website (click here to ... Read More

Budget Template Tool

Budget Template Tool The Charter Support Unit has developed a budget template tool to assist ... Read More

Chart of Accounts

Charter Schools are required to utilize the Financial and Program Cost Accounting and Reporting for Florida Schools, commonly known as the Red Book. This document breaks down the basic requirements that charter school staff members need to understand to ensure they are properly coding expenses and revenue according to the Red Book. Read More

Charter School Insurance Guide

This charter school insurance guide provides insurance about what types of insurance charter schools should consider and might be required to have based on their charter contract. The guide discusses the insurance requirements of the model charter school contract and provides definitions about typical insurance terms. This guide is based off a similar guide provided by the Palm Beach County School District for their charter schools, and we thank them for allowing us to use their model. Read More
Feb 2016

CSP Budget Development Tool

The Charter Support Unit has been asked by the State of Florida's Department of School ... Read More

General Board Schedule Grid

This document provides a general outline for a schedule schools may wish to consider regarding regular annual topics the governing board must discuss and consider. Read More

Legal Handbook

Charter School Leaders and Board Members have a variety of laws and administrative rules they ... Read More

Links to Attorney General Legal Opinions related to Charter Schools

Last Updated July 21, 2013 The list below is a list of Attorney General opinions ... Read More

New School Checklist

The new school checklist was developed for newly approved charter schools working to open a ... Read More

Performance Based Salary Schedules

Florida Statute 1012.22 requires that schools develop a performance salary schedule by July 1, 2014. ... Read More
Feb 2015

Quickbooks Chart of Accounts

Charter Schools are required to use the accounting classifications as defined in the Red Book ... Read More

Renewal Toolkit

The Charter Renewal Toolkit is a reference document intended to help schools organize their corporate ... Read More

Sample Compensation Manual

This document provides information on how to calculate payroll information for employees, especially salaried employees whose salaries are paid over 12-months, but who may work less than 12-months out of the year.   It provides formulas for calculating the final pay paychecks for employees who leave prior to the end of the school year, as well as calculating per-check amounts for those employees who start working at the school after the first day of school. The Charter Support Unit recommends that Boards adopt a document similar to this, or incorporate this into their policy manual to ensure that employees understand the payroll processes used at the school. Read More

Sample Policy Manual

This sample policy manual provides a sample comprehensive policy manual that schools can use to craft their own policy manual. It is strongly recommended that schools do not just adopt this policy manual, but instead use it as a reference to develop a policy manual that will work well with the school in accordance with your charter application, charter contract and desires of the governing board. Read More

School Improvement Plans - Administrative Rule Summary (6A-1.099827)

This document is a summary of the administrative rule 6A-1.099827 which was approved August 21, 2012.  This rule defines the requirements for charter schools to complete a School Improvement Plan, and potential Corrective Actions which can be taken by schools who are required to do so. Read More

Summary of 1012.31 - Personnel Files

According to Florida Statute (1012.31), the personnel files for public school employees are eligible for public inspection, and certain requirements exist for the process to add additional information into the employee record.  This document provides a summary of 1012.31 and what pieces of a personnel files are exempt from public records requests. Read More

Teacher Evaluation Requirements of the Student Success Act

In 2011 the Florida Legislature passed a bill commonly referred to as SB736, otherwise known as the "Student Success Act."  This bill was signed into law in 2011, and altered the way teacher evaluations occur in Florida.  It required that schools develop a performance evaluation system based on specific state requirements, along with a pay-for-performance component.  This document describes the teacher evaluation components described in Florida Statute 1012.34.  Click here to access the information sheet about 1012.22(1)(c) regarding pay for performance. Read More