Support Hotline

The Support Hotline service provided by the Charter Support Unit (CSU) is strategically established to assist Florida’s charter schools currently in their first charter contract (before the first contract renewal). The federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) Grant that partially funds the Florida CSU specifies that our support be primarily directed toward assisting start-up and new charter schools.

The overarching goal of the Support Hotline is to provide charter school leaders with professional advice through a convenient system should they need immediate assistance or a second opinion regarding their educational operations. Thus, if you feel that you need advice on the operation of your charter school, we’re here to help. Support Hotline professionals will offer suggestions to each caller, or connect them with experts who can better address their inquiry. Whether your questions are about charter school rules and regulations, reviewing budgets, or just general school administration, we’re here to help. Give us a call, and if we can’t assist you, we will find someone who can. You can call the Support Hotline at (727) 286-3185.

As part of our contract with the Florida Department of Education, the state requires that everyone who utilizes the Charter Support Unit (CSU) first acknowledges our Terms of Service.  If you are receiving direct services, we may ask you to complete a form indicating that you understand these limitations.  You can sign the hard copy form (download the form by clicking here) and, either fax it to us at (727) 286-3186, or email it to us at