Webinar Series

A primary goal of Florida’s Charter Schools Program grant is to increase the effectiveness of all charter schools in our state. With this larger goal in mind, an important objective of the CSU is to increase professional development opportunities for all charter school leaders and other interested educators. To achieve this objective, the CSU has developed a series of professional on-line seminars (or Webinars) that are focused on charter school operations.

All of the PD Webinars coordinated by the Florida CSU will be recorded and archived in the CSU clearinghouse section of this site.   For the topics currently listed as “To be determined” we are waiting to receive additional feedback from charter leaders regarding what additional topics they feel would be important, if you would like to submit your opinion, please click here to complete a brief form submitting your ideas.

Webinar Schedule


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Nov 29

Section 504: 21 Myths and Realities

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is perhaps the most misunderstood law applicable to the education of students with special needs. Section 504 is a federal law designed to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. Specifically, Section 504 indicates that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely because of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal funds. Many school principals and teachers are not well versed in this federal law, yet the primary impact of and responsibility for a Section 504 Plan is in general education. There are distinct differences between a Section 504 Plan and an IEP and they include being implemented in the general education classroom, created as a civil rights law, and no funding attached to it. Charter school LEADERS play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of students with a Section 504 Plan. This engaging and interactive session will provide 21 explanations on myths and realities in the Section 504 process and implementation at a school. The webinar will be presented by Liliana Salazar, the National Director of Special Education and Student Support for Academica. Read More
Dec 6

Finding The Upside of Risk

This webinar will provide a broad overview of how insurance affects the specific needs of charter schools. The presentation will range from general liability insurance policies to employee health insurance policies, and how you can use your insurance policies to better protect your organization and employees. Insurance not only can protect financial resources, but also serve as an employee recruitment tool. The presentation will also explore new policies that may be advantageous to consider, such as an Active Shooter policer that some insurance companies are now providing. This webinar will be presented by Shane Wingo and Rick Mottern of Lanier Upshaw. Shane is the lead Employee Benefits Consultant and Rick Mottern is a Principal Partner and Risk Consultant for Lanier Upshaw. Read More
Jan 10

Assessing ELLs for Special Education: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

"Charter Schools need to be careful about navigating the waters regarding Special Education as well as English Language Learners ... but what exactly is required when those two issues overlap? When educating ELLs who seem to be struggling, how do you know when it is time to think about a special education referral? This session will identify the 5 pitfalls to avoid in creating an overrepresentation of ELLs in your school site’s special education department. The webinar will be presented by Liliana Salazar, the National Director of Special Education and Student Support for Academica. Read More
Jan 17

Meeting the Needs of Exceptional Students Through School-Wide PBIS

"Positive Behavior Intervention Supports provides a way of meeting the needs of all students at a school through a Tier-1 approach to supporting students. This presentation will briefly review the laws related to special education and how PBIS can play a role in meeting those requirements. The webinar will also share how to obtain in-depth training and access additional resources that are available free of charge to Charter Schools throughout Florida. This presentation will be presented by Betsy Lazega and Laura Kern of the Florida Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Project (FL-PBIS). Read More
Jan 31

Cannabis Conundrum

"Medical marijuana is legal in Florida and can be prescribed for minors. However, it is still illegal under federal law, so what does this mean for Florida charter schools? This webinar, presented by attorney Kathleen Schoenberg, will review how other states have handled this topic and discuss how lessons from other states can be applied to your school. Read More
Feb 7

Building an Effective Tier 2 and 3 Tiered Support System to Meet The Needs of Youth Who Are At-Risk

"As charter schools build their Multi-Tiered System of Supports, schools should consider how more intensive supports will be provided to those students who are not successful in more typical environments. You're invited to join Ms. Catherine Raulerson and Dr. Lauren Evanovich from the Florida Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Project for an informative webinar to learn more about how to improve your school's tier 2 and 3 support systems for students at-risk. All participants will leave knowing how to access additional free resources to identify students through screening, match students to effective interventions, and monitor progress for decision-making. Read More
Feb 14

Record Management Compliance and Going Paperless

"The value to staff of having necessary records at their fingertips is immeasurable. Electronic documents provide secure instant access for staff to be able to do the job they were hired to do, eliminating the hurdles of paper documents. This webinar will discuss the advantages of becoming a ""paperless office"" that allows you to do more with less. This webinar, presented by Deborah Allen who has worked for 27 years in school administration and now works for CEO Image Systems, will discuss how your school can save staff time and money as well as how to be fully compliant with State and Federal record retention laws. Read More
Feb 21

The Budget Process and Best Practices

"As we enter into spring, Charter Schools should not be focused only on the upcoming state assessments, but also starting the budgeting process for next year. Consider joining us for an informative webinar presented by Ms. Alina Chester, the Budget Director for Academica who will present tips and best practices for the budgeting process. The presentation will cover possible timelines for completing your budget so that you are not left trying to come up with something as the last minute, as well as ideas on how to ensure your budget process stays focused on the educational needs of your school and students. Tips for developing priorities and aligning the budget with those priorities will be discussed, as well as some possible benchmarks to watch for to ensure your budgets are reasonable and realistic. Read More
Feb 28

The Intersection of Board Governance & Finance: What Every Board Member Should Know

"This webinar will not be your average facilities financing discussion. This presentation will provide some of the best board governance practices, coupled with relevant financial metrics and concepts to proficiently guide their school. This presentation will be beneficial for both Governing Board Members as well as the administrators who support them. The webinar will be presented by Greg McKenna, Managing Director, BB&T Capital Markets, Mrs. Melissa Gross-Arnold, Attorney, Arnold Law Firm, and Mr. Richard Moreno, Senior Vice President, Building Hope. Read More
Mar 7

Improving Your School Climate: A Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Approach

"Improving your school climate can lead to an increase in school achievement and better staff retention. In this webinar, we will provide information to support your school climate improvement efforts through the use of data collection tools and data-based decision making. We will share how schools can use their school climate data to problem solve and address issues related to safety, teaching and learning, interpersonal relationships, and the school environment. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Kelli Henson and Ms. Betsy Lazega from the Department of Child and Family Studies and Florida Center for Inclusive Communities at the University of South Florida. Read More
Mar 14

Fighting Founders Syndrome

"Your school is achieving success with a strong founding leader -- hurray! But, is your board prepared for the inevitable moment of leader transition? Are you confident that the outcomes you have achieved will survive the baton pass? Great boards maintain a laser focus on the future and sustaining success. Join us as we discuss essential ingredients for smart succession planning and walk attendees through a self-assessment to reveal how you are doing on planning for the future. This webinar will be presented by Ms. Debbie Lister Chief Governance and Program Operations Officer with Charter Board Partners. Read More
Mar 21

Payroll Math and Salary Schedules

"As we prepare to make plans for next school year, it is time to start considering salaries. Florida statute requires charter schools to have a performance-based salary schedule. What does this mean? How do we calculate salaries for employees next year, and ensure we are retaining our best staff? Also, for those teachers who are not returning, how do we finalize their payroll? Many school leaders do not understand the complexities which should go into the payroll calculations for their 10-month employees. This webinar, presented by Curtis Fuller of the Charter Support Unit, will explain the math formulas and review salary schedule requirements for Florida Charter Schools. Read More
Apr 4

Charter School as Employer. HR Dos and Don'ts

"Charter School Administrators are not just educational leaders, but also human resource leaders. What exactly does that mean? Join us for this informative webinar presented by Attorney Jeffrey Wood, a Director with Tripp Scott as he reviews the key ""dos and don'ts"" of human resources from a legal perspective. The presentation will cover state and federal statutory requirements which will range from hiring requirements, performance evaluations, salaried versus non-salaried employees and more. Read More
Apr 11

Cracking the Code: Your Guide to Financial Statements

"Do you dread the part of the board meeting when it is time to review and discuss the financial statements? Do you think they are speaking in code? This webinar will decode the fundamentals of accounting and budgeting so that you are prepared to effectively engage in financial discussions. Through an informative presentation, participants will acquire the language, analytic tools and insights needed to evaluate your organization’s fiscal health. The webinar will be presented by Bryce Fleming of EdTec Inc., and Sarah Garrett of the Low Income Investment Fund. Read More
Apr 18

Mind The Message: What Message Is Your School Sending?

Until recently, a school did not have to concern itself with a marketing campaign or marketing budget. However, as school choice comes into play and families have more options available to them, school marketing is becoming more common. Most schools do not have a marketing budget to draw from. So, what exactly can schools do to market themselves? This session will provide suggestions and ideas that you can utilize to start or grow your school's marketing campaign. This presentation will be presented by Ms. Sherry Watts, the Principal and CEO of Minneola Charter School in Lake County as well as Kim Dison, the Assistant Principal of Minneola Charter School. Read More
May 2

Charter School Funding Sources

"FEFP. CSP. Title I. NSLP. PECO. IDEA. Does this list of acronyms get you excited about next year? It should! All of these are various funding sources that charter schools should understand as they work to develop their budgets and ensure their schools are receiving and correctly using revenue which may be available to them. Join us for an informative webinar presented by Ms. Alina Chester, the Budget Director for Academica who will review the various funding sources available to charter schools, what the rules are for them, and what recent legislative changes may mean for charter schools moving forward. Read More