Webinar Series

A primary goal of Florida’s Charter Schools Program grant is to increase the effectiveness of all charter schools in our state. With this larger goal in mind, an important objective of the CSU is to increase professional development opportunities for all charter school leaders and other interested educators. To achieve this objective, the CSU has developed a series of professional on-line seminars (or Webinars) that are focused on charter school operations.

All of the PD Webinars coordinated by the Florida CSU will be recorded and archived in the CSU clearinghouse section of this site.   For the topics currently listed as “To be determined” we are waiting to receive additional feedback from charter leaders regarding what additional topics they feel would be important, if you would like to submit your opinion, please click here to complete a brief form submitting your ideas.

Webinar Schedule


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Sep 27

FLDOE Disciplinary Action Search and Mandatory Hiring Practices

Hiring employees is a critical task for school administrators. Not only do you need to focus on hiring the best and brightest candidates, but you also need to be focused on statutory requirements regarding vetting of new hires. In addition to the criminal history background and reference checks, charter schools must check the Bureau of Educator Certification for any processing alerts and the state's Disciplinary Action Search webpage for any final orders of the Education Practices Commission. This presentation will focus on how to use these search systems to identify prohibitions from employment and any limitations or conditions of practice for potential educator candidates. The webinar will be presented by Marian Lambeth, who is the Chief of Professional Practices Services with the Florida Department of Education. Read More
Oct 4

Class Size Reporting and FTE Essentials

Survey week for survey two is coming soon (October 8-12, 2018). What does this mean for you and your school? What last minute thing should school leaders remember going into this critical week to ensure proper funding? This webinar will be presented by Kenneth Dukes from the Florida Department of Education's FTE and Class Size Database Reporting Team. The presentation will focus heavily on frequently asked questions regarding Class Size requirements and how to ensure the class sizes are correctly reported. A brief overview of the consequences of not meeting class size requirements for charter schools will also be discussed. In addition, we will provide leaders with a variety of tips and tricks of things to keep in mind heading into survey 2. Read More
Oct 11

How Engaging Staff Can Be the Gamechanger for Spending Waste

Spending waste is a top concern for K12 leaders, and especially at charter schools where funding is so limited. Charter schools can not afford to waste funds and resources on inefficiencies. Join us for a webinar presented by Brent Lomas and Jason Isaacs of ProcureK12 to learn more about how schools can build systems to improve efficiencies. By engaging stakeholders from the teachers to the school's leadership, schools can help ensure the right products and services get used. Read More
Oct 25

Professional Learning Communities are Key to Raising Student Academic Achievement

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) provide schools with a cohesive structure to analyze data and sure continuous growth among staff. This webinar will focus on the role of PLCs as they relate to data-driven instruction and the implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI). Roles, norms, and methodologies for effective PLC meetings will be clearly defined. Participants will be exposed to research which shows the positive impact which PLCs have on student academic achievement. Examples of how PLC meetings can be embedded in the school schedule, as well as examples of how to lead them, will be offered in this presentation. Join us for this informative webinar to better understand how PLCs can serve as fertile ground for the implementation of RtI, and that well planned and implemented PLC meetings can lead to improved achievement of ALL students. The presentation will be led by Alexandra Penn, the Learning Design Coach for Pasco County Schools. Read More
Nov 1

Legal Update on Charter School Law

Each year Attorney Daniel Woodring of the Woodring Law Firm presents one of the most popular sessions at the Florida Charter School Conference regarding legal updates and changes to charter school law and related cases. Mr. Woodring will provide his 2018 presentation during this free webinar. The webinar will focus primarily on updates and issues related to Florida, but will also include significant legal developments from other states that may affect Florida schools. Read More
Nov 8

Turn Your Mission and Vision Statements into Clear Guiding Principles with a Colorful Graphic to Help Shape Your School Culture

A charter school's mission and vision are essential decision-making tools to keep the school on track. They also play an important role in shaping a successful message for the school. This webinar will help school leaders to clearly align their school culture, planning, and decision-making with their school's mission and vision statements in an interactive discussion. Participants will leave with a clearer understanding of their school's mission and of how to communicate it to stakeholders. This clear understanding will help leaders make decisions aligned with the mission and recruit additional students for the future. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Michele Gill who is the founder of the Galileo Charter School in Sanford, and is also a Professor at UCF where she has established a new center aimed at supporting innovative schools (https://www.ucfccsis.org). Read More
Nov 29

Section 504: 21 Myths and Realities

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is perhaps the most misunderstood law applicable to the education of students with special needs. Section 504 is a federal law designed to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. Specifically, Section 504 indicates that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely because of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal funds. Many school principals and teachers are not well versed in this federal law, yet the primary impact of and responsibility for a Section 504 Plan is in general education. There are distinct differences between a Section 504 Plan and an IEP and they include being implemented in the general education classroom, created as a civil rights law, and no funding attached to it. Charter school LEADERS play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of students with a Section 504 Plan. This engaging and interactive session will provide 21 explanations on myths and realities in the Section 504 process and implementation at a school. The webinar will be presented by Liliana Salazar, the National Director of Special Education and Student Support for Academica. Read More
Dec 6

Finding The Upside of Risk

This webinar will provide a broad overview of how insurance affects the specific needs of charter schools. The presentation will range from general liability insurance policies to employee health insurance policies, and how you can use your insurance policies to better protect your organization and employees. Insurance not only can protect financial resources, but also serve as an employee recruitment tool. The presentation will also explore new policies that may be advantageous to consider, such as an Active Shooter policer that some insurance companies are now providing. This webinar will be presented by Shane Wingo and Rick Mottern of Lanier Upshaw. Shane is the lead Employee Benefits Consultant and Rick Mottern is a Principal Partner and Risk Consultant for Lanier Upshaw. Read More